Youth Month | #ShapeYourFuture

This year marks 46 years since South African youth protested against the Apartheid regime’s education system for imposing the use of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in schools. The Soweto uprising which took place on the the16th of June 1976, led to brutal killings of students while others were arrested. The SABC commemorates the youth of 1976 for making history with their bold dispute against inequality and sacrificing their lives fighting for quality education. Their resilient spirit lingers on to this day, serving as both a reminder and contributor to the country’s progressive democracy.

As we pay homage to the Class of ’76 whose lives and deaths have become an epitome of power and unity; the SABC seeks to carry on the legacy of encouraging the youth of today to continue their willpower which is necessary for them to boldly face current challenges including a global pandemic, unemployment, crime, and economic depreciation.

Through the theme #ShapeYourFuture, the SABC seeks to encourage today’s youth to use the events of ’76 to take charge of their future and own their dreams. To also understand that the sacrifices of the class of ’76 are also an example for them to take a stand and become active participants in their own success. We will be encouraging them to make a positive contribution to their respective communities, understanding that though the youth of ’76 paved the way for them, it is their turn to make a difference for the future generations too.

Here is some of the SABC Youth Month events to lookout for:

  • Lesedi FM will be doing x3 Campus tours from next week in commemoration of Youth Month


  • Motsweding FM will execute their campaign on twitter space which aims to start conversation around the new ‘struggle’ today’s youth is facing, the struggle of mental health issues. The campaign aims to collaborate with a mental health institution and other stakeholder, to impart knowledge on what is mental health, how to identify signs of mental health and how to treat mental health issues. Furthermore, the campaign aims to foster engagement with the youthful target audience.


  • Thobela FM is currently running a campaign that will identify several youths around Gauteng to join the stations different PB activations in Gauteng from the 15th – 17th (Hector Peterson Museum, Apartheid Museum, Lollies Leaf Gola Rivonia).


  • Phalaphala FM will have an outside broadcast at TVET Makwarela Campus on the 10th – Round Table around youth related topic


  • Ikwekwezi FM – Outside broadcast activation at the Middleburg Youth Soccer Challenge (Paid for)


  • Ligwalagwala FM – Men’s dialogue on YouTube and social media platforms


  • ‘tru-FM – Partnership with Mail and Guardian for the M&G Young 200, and Twitter space takeover on SABC Twitter platform on the 16th


  • Ukhozi FM – Ukhozi FM youth parliament on Ukhozi FM TV


  • Youth symposium with SABC 1 – Career Day to be dedicated to radio only (feature radio youngest presenters and production staff)y