The News Division is the content provider of all news and current affairs programmes carried by the Corporation’s Public Broadcasting Services and Public Commercial Broadcasting Services on Radio, Television and Digital platforms.

As the main source of news content for most South Africans, SABC News:-


  • Provides a credible, accurate, informative and compelling service that brings news of the country, Africa and the world to South African audiences in all official languages.
  • Provide the citizens with information required to make informed choices.
  • Strives to reflect the world to the nation and the nation to itself
  • Provides content that reflects the South African story in the context of a maturing democracy.


The main functions within the division namely gathering, processing and dissemination are fulfilled through bureaus in the 9 provinces; the United States and Kenya. International newsgathering is largely sourced through a panel of international news agencies to contain costs. SABC News distributes content through digital, radio and television platforms, and strives to remain relevant to audiences in a highly competitive and disruptive market. The multi-platform approach allows SABC News content to be accessible anywhere and anytime.


SABC News holds a unique editorial identity in that it occupies a distinctive position on three different platforms. In essence, we are a single brand of news broadcasting on 19 radio stations, 5 television channels and various digital platforms. Television, Radio and Digital are our transmission platforms that the citizens use to access our content, in all official languages.



SABC News Channel on DStv 404 is the second most watched news channel in South Africa reaching over 50 countries in Africa. It is a 24 hour news channel, providing round-the-clock news and information. The channel provides local and global news updates, by fully integrating digital multi-media platforms into its broadcasting. SABC News bulletins and current affairs programming is also widespread on our terrestrial channels (SABC 1, 2 and 3).



SABC Radio provides high standard News and Current Affairs programming in 18 Radio stations across the country reflecting a balanced point of view while delivering programming that contributes to a sense of national identity and culture. SABC News Radio doesn’t only provide in 11 official languages that are continuously progressing alongside the democratic development of our nation 



SABC Digital News is the public broadcaster’s news online media publishing unit. Through its main website, and a diversity of social media networks and services, the team publishes programmes available across the news divisions’ multiple platforms. This includes radio and TV packages, breaking news and exclusive coverage of events, interviews and analysis from multiple categories; ranging from socio-economics, politics and international news to sports, tech, science and lifestyle.


SABC News also generates unique digital multimedia news and web-based content including infographics, animation, podcasts, live streams and more. Following its public mandate to provide credible news and information that reflects a diversity of South African society, the Digital News team is currently expanding its offering, with the introduction of African languages’ bulletins from terrestrial television onto the online platform.


SABC Digital News is uniquely placed as the sole news media platform in South Africa to publish its news around the clock, enabling it to reach global audiences 24-7.