SABC Television Division – How To Work With Us?

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we are not allowing walk-in enquiries or submissions. All queries and proposals must be submitted through the Commissioning Unit’s  email at

THE SABC TV Division uses various methods to procure content, however as a state-owned entity all suppliers and production companies who would like to work with the SABC must:

  1. Be registered on the National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database. You can register your company here
  2. Be registered on the SABC Vendor Management System. Here is the registration form


Here are some of the content acquisition methods:

  1. Advertiser Funded Proposals (AFPs) – these are shows wholly created, produced, and funded by a commercial entity. Submission under this method are open throughout the year. Please ensure that you provide us with letters of interest from the potential sponsor(s). Here is the AFP submission form and terms and conditions.


  2. Presale Submissions – The SABC can enter into a license agreement with a producer before the programme is completed or is still in development. Submissions under this method are open throughout the year. Please ensure that you provide a comprehensive proposal, as well as your funding model, as the SABC does not contribute 100% of your production budget under this method. Here is the Presales submission form and T&Cs


  3. Licenses – The SABC accepts fully completed programmes where the primary acquisition is for broadcast. License fees are negotiated with the relevant channel upon receipt and evaluation of the submission, which must be sent as a hyperlink. Submissions are open throughout the year. Here is the Licensing Submission Form


Commissioning Requests – These are calls made by the SABC for submissions and are published as and when required.

The SABC has two processes for the receipt of proposals.

  1. Request for Proposals – From time to time the SABC will issue a call to the industry for specific projects. These requests will include the detail of project, the requirements, and an indicative budget. The SABC will call for entries at specific intervals. Information will be sent to producers on when the window periods open. To receive this communication you can register your details by submitting your email address and mobile number to
  2. Unsolicited Proposals – These are proposals submitted by producers for consideration under either of the acquisition methods mentioned above. The unsolicited window is currently closed.


The SABC endeavors to process all requests within a 21-day period.  This is influenced by the completeness of the proposals submitted.

All completed proposals will be captured onto the SABC systems and a proposal number issued.  This information will be mailed to the proposing party should the application be deemed as qualified.

All qualified proposals are submitted to the SABC Evaluation committee who make a determination on the concept.  It must be noted that proposals must be compliant with the SABC Supply Chain Management processes, as indicated above.