Johannesburg – Friday, 07 December 2018 – Following an intensive investigation process by the Commission of Inquiry into Sexual Harassment at the SABC, which completed its work at the end of October 2018, the organisation is implementing the recommendations of the Commission. In this regard, the SABC has suspended the alleged perpetrators identified in the Commission’s report.

The alleged perpetrators were served with requisite notices to afford them an opportunity to make  written submissions as to why they believe the preliminary suspensions should not be made final. Following due consideration of the written submissions, the SABC believes it has sufficient grounds to investigate further and has consequently issued suspension notices to the alleged perpetrators confirming their suspensions, pending a disciplinary enquiry.

The Commission’s report identified additional employees who may not be alleged perpetrators of sexual harassment but who may be found to have been complicit by either aiding or abetting sexual harassment, through their act of omission or commission. The SABC is in the process of formulating charges in line with HR policies and legislation.


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