Johannesburg, Tuesday 10 March 2020 – The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) refutes the unfounded and defamatory allegations made by its former Chief Operations Officer, Mr Chris Maroleng in his recent interviews on several media platforms and in other reports related to his dismissal.

In the face of this barrage of false and misleading statements, it is necessary for the SABC to remind Mr Maroleng that he was charged after breaching his fiduciary duties as a director, for acting in a manner which breaches good faith, trust, honesty, loyalty and confidence, and for two charges of gross negligence.

Mr Maroleng was subjected to a disciplinary hearing chaired by an independent Chairperson.  At all material times during his disciplinary hearing, Mr Maroleng was represented by a legal team of his choice.  He was found guilty of three (3) charges and not guilty on one (1) charge.  Both the SABC and Mr Maroleng made representations on the appropriate sanction to be imposed to the Chairperson of the disciplinary hearing.

Having considered submissions by both parties, the Chairperson of the disciplinary hearing recommended summary dismissal in respect of each charge Mr Maroleng had been found guilty of.

On 23 April 2019 after due consideration of the detailed findings and clear recommendations of an independent disciplinary process, the SABC Board resolved to terminate Mr Maroleng’s contract of employment with immediate effect.   Following this decision, Mr Maroleng approached the CCMA to challenge his dismissal, but later withdrew his arbitration case.

The SABC followed due process from the outset and Mr Maroleng was at all times treated fairly and afforded all the rights available to him in terms of SABC policies and the law.

Mr. Maroleng’s baseless allegation that members of the SABC Board are to blame for his dismissal rather than his own actions, clearly demonstrates his unwillingness to assume responsibility for his own serious misconduct.

It is important for the public, our employees and all the SABC’s stakeholders to note the findings of the independent Chairperson on the issue of dishonesty:

“Gross dishonesty or dishonesty of whatever form is a serious form of misconduct. It renders the continued employment relationship intolerable…There can be no greater act of dishonesty than what Maroleng did. Ignoring company policies and procedures by an Executive Director is serious misconduct”.

And further that:

“An employment relationship, broken down as a result of an act of dishonesty, can never be restored by whatever amount of mitigation. The underlying reason for this approach is that an employer cannot be expected to keep dishonest workers in his/her employ. The other reason for this is to send an unequivocal message to other employees that dishonesty will not be tolerated. Maroleng’s actions are so serious given his position that it becomes apparent that an employer cannot be expected to keep a dishonest employee in their employ”.

The SABC will accordingly oppose the application brought against the Corporation by Mr. Maroleng.


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