SABC introduces #DepartmentalShowcase, a campaign meant to recognize the internal divisions’ contributions to the overall broadcast mandate meant to serve the South African public. This month, we zoom into the Employee Wellness department; which provides comprehensive and holistic Health and integrated Wellness Services and Benefits to the employees of the SABC. The benefits of the department consist of clinics available across our provincial sites which include primary and occupational Health Care Services that are rendered by professionals.

The department also provides Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which comprises counseling, advisory, and support services available 24/7, 365 days a year. The EAP services include psychosocial, legal, and financial support and advisory services and benefits which also extend to the direct dependants of the SABC employees. The Employee Wellness Department has also implemented bespoke wellness initiatives that are trending and meet best practice standards in the industry, these initiatives include but are not limited to stress management components, such as mindfulness sessions, stress-reduction workshops, and coaching. Our wellness initiatives strive to include educational components relating to personal development and skills enhancement. Continuous learning opportunities can stimulate intellectual curiosity and provide employees with the tools and knowledge to approach challenges in novel ways

From a physical well-being perspective, SABC also has an on-site gym that provides a comprehensive fitness program offering a variety of aerobic and spinning classes which are now available virtually.  Aside from this, the Employee Wellness Department has launched an innovative APP that allows to complete wellness assessments, track your fitness and book an appointment with a wellbeing professional.

Through these various initiatives, the department strives to enhance employee engagement and productivity by promoting employee well-being at all levels (employee, management, and executive), making services easily accessible, and implementing bespoke wellness initiatives that are customized to suit the needs of each employee. This overall leads to increased engagement and job satisfaction as healthier employees are likely to be more productive, which aligns with achieving higher efficiency, output, and overall success of the SABC.