The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is on a drive to become a high-performing organization. Inherent to enabling this, we have recently introduced an integrated talent management framework, designed to guide talent acquisition and retention initiatives, in a highly competitive environment. In addition, the Board has approved its revised Total Remuneration, Reward, and Recognition initiatives aimed at improving the value proposition to our employees. These include the introduction of an (i) Short-Term Performance Incentive (STPI) Scheme, (ii) Excellence Awards, (iii) Employee Engagement Platforms, as well as (iv) Leadership Development Programmes.

Our journey and commitment aim to create a conducive work environment where each and every employee experiences a strong sense of belonging; lives their best life and gives their best performance. This will be underpinned by values and behaviors that drive operational efficiency and further cement the organization in the hearts and minds of our employees, as an employer of choice.

At the core of our existence as the SABC is the execution of our mandate to educate, inform and entertain the citizenry of this country and beyond, therefore, it is imperative that those in our employ have a conscious awareness of these aspects and commit themselves to the accomplishment of our strategic objectives, by embodying these values and incorporating them into their daily lives.

As we continue to turn the corner with our phased approach of implementing our turnaround plan, providing our employees the appropriate tools to support this endeavor is critical. Furthermore, with increased anxiety, uncertainty and volatility as a result of several factors, including the COVID– 19 pandemic, organizations are having to be increasingly agile and flexible in addressing challenges and creating a conducive environment for employees to flourish.

One such initiative is our SABC integrated wellness program that recognizes the existence of the whole person and continues to fund the development of its employees to acquire formal qualifications. This in turn enables them to grow holistically and be prepared to contribute meaningfully in everything they do – promoting a culture of lifelong learning.

As responsible corporate citizens with a firm grasp of our country’s historical context, we have an obligation to promote national conversations around topics such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Leading from the front with respect to these and other subjects of importance will also be a fundamental element of our intent to attract and retain talented individuals, to join us on our journey of creating a sustainable organization.

The SABC’s drive to become a high-performing organization is set against a backdrop of transitioning into the third phase of our turnaround plan. A key enabler to the achievement of this goal will be the implementation of several initiatives, aimed at creating an improved value proposition for employees.

In a highly competitive environment where highly talented individuals seek out organizations that offer more than what is considered normal, the creation of a conducive work environment where there’s a sense of belonging; where the promotion of a work/life balance through wellness programs allows them to be the best versions of themselves at all material times; where there’s a celebration and appreciation of shared values and behaviors, centered by respect, integrity, trust, and quality; are just some of the elements we as a progressive organization will be focusing on going forward.

South African citizens deserve the best that the SABC has to offer, therefore, having a public broadcaster that is capacitated with fit-for-purpose individuals, is a need that can no longer be denied.

SABC; an employer of choice.