Johannesburg, 3 October 2023 – SABC1 is pleased to add a six-part documentary series, Inkabi Zezwe: The Making of Ukhamba, to the schedule starting Monday, 6 November 2023 at 9 pm.


Inkabi Zezwe: The Making of Ukhamba invites the viewers on a profound cinematic journey, delving into the captivating story of two South African musical giants, Sjava and Big Zulu. This documentary is a heartfelt tribute to their remarkable collaboration, unveiling the intricacies of its creation, the inspiration that fuels their music, and the cultural tapestry that underpins their shared identity.


The documentary offers an intimate glimpse into the immersive recording process for the Inkabi Zezwe full-length album, Ukhamba. What sets this creative endeavour apart is its backdrop—Bergville, the birthplace and home of both artists. This proximity to home ensures that their music carries the pure essence of the green hills that raised them and the people who nurtured their artistic spirits.


The making of the Ukhamba documentary is a compelling narrative, expertly shot by the team at Lacuna Creative, that explores the unity of two musical giants and the cultural richness that informs their work. It is a testament to the power of collaboration, the resonance of their music, and the beauty of shared experiences. This documentary is an invitation to embark on a journey that is as evocative as it is unforgettable.


As Sjava’s soulful Afro-Soul and African Trap melodies entwined with Big Zulu’s vibrant Hip-Hop narratives, it became apparent that this union was a harmonious blend of genres and life experiences. Their music is deeply rooted in love, hope, and family and underpinned by a shared IsiZulu culture, forming a unique narrative that is both evocative and intricate.


About Ukhamba

The first single from Ukhamba, titled “Umbayimbayi,” heralded the beginning of an exciting musical voyage for Inkabi Zezwe. Within a week of its release, it achieved gold status, and the accompanying music video garnered significant attention, accumulating millions of views on YouTube.


As Ukhamba, the album, was unveiled to the world, it achieved resounding success, amassing millions of streams and reaching the top of various music charts. From Gold and Platinum statuses to dominating streaming platforms and playlists, this musical journey captures the essence of contemporary South Africa.


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