Johannesburg – Tuesday, 03 August 2021 – The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has noted with serious concern the misleading and ill-informed media statement issued by the South African Football Association (SAFA) regarding the conclusion of Robert Marawa’s contract with the public broadcaster.
The SABC regards this as an attempt by SAFA to interfere with the human resources and operational affairs of the public broadcaster. SAFA’s statement and its intention to meet with the SABC on this issue is unprecedented and in direct conflict with the SABC’s independence, which is guaranteed by law.
It is quite clear that SAFA has issued a media statement without regard to the full details of the matter. The SABC reiterates that Robert Marawa’s three-year contract was not terminated but ended as per the terms of his contract. Robert Marawa was duly notified of the non-renewal of his contract three months before it came to an end.
The SABC strongly rejects SAFA’s assertion that the non-renewal of Robert Marawa’s contract is somehow connected with an attempt to restrict the expression of his views. SAFA’s comment in this regard is baseless and without foundation. It is disappointing that the organisation representing South African football has allowed itself to become part of this issue’s misinformation.
The public broadcaster assures the South African public that it will continue to discharge its mandate without fear or favour, whilst ensuring that the interests of the organisation are protected.
Issued By:                           Group Communications
Media Enquiries:                Ms. Gugu Ntuli (Group Executive: Corporate Affairs and Marketing)|T. 011 714 3311|C. 071 877 0513