Johannesburg – Thursday, 8 December 2022 – The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has launched its new brand campaign, ‘SABC everywhere for everyone, always’. This brand campaign is devised to further resonate with new and existing audiences and showcase the increased brand value offered by the public broadcaster.


The SABC has responded to the changing broadcasting environment, which has seen increased competition from diverse multi-platforms within the industry. Thus, through this new brand campaign, the SABC ensures that its television, radio and digital platforms continue to attract, retain, and grow audience shares in the highly competitive and fragmented media environment.


The brand campaign is delivered in a 90-second Television commercial (TVC) format, with a solid message that showcases the SABC as a multi-platform content provider that creates iconic entertainment, amplifies the best of local stories, displays Mzansi in colour and provides valuable information and educational content for everyone everywhere.


The SABC’s Group Executive for Corporate Affairs and Marketing, Ms Gugu Ntuli, stated, “With this new brand campaign, we are responding to changing consumer patterns of our audiences who have a myriad of content to choose from. Our goal is to ensure high levels of the SABC brand equity. We also aim to counter the impact of other media types by providing an array of alternative platforms to access SABC services everywhere for everyone and always. We have also recently launched the SABC Plus streaming App, which further strengthens our efforts for universal access and inclusivity to connect with our diverse target audiences, and this campaign is therefore aligned with amplifying this great milestone”.

Ntuli added, “The other fundamental rationale underpinning this brand campaign is to ensure that we create top-of-mind awareness and brand visibility of an evolved SABC brand to our audiences and trade markets”.


The new SABC brand campaign will bring the public broadcaster’s vision of becoming the leading credible voice and face of the nation and the continent to life. It will also affirm what the brand stands for and remind consumers of the benefits of the SABC being part of their lives.


All SABC channels will carry this campaign, including News and Sports channels. To access the TVC, the following link should be clicked:




Issued By: Group Communications

Media Enquiries: Ms. Gugu Ntuli (Group Executive: Corporate Affairs and Marketing) | T. 011 714 3311 | C. 071 877 0513