Johannesburg – Thursday, 27 January 2022. The SABC Board has noted media coverage on the allegations levelled against its Chairperson and the Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) by the Group Executive News and Current Affairs (GE). Some of the views expressed are misleading and untrue.


On 2 December 2021, after receiving the allegations from the GE, the SABC Board issued a media statement in which it assured the public that it took the allegations seriously and that the matter was being processed fairly in accordance with SABC polices. The SABC Board’s position has not changed in this regard.


A Special Committee of the Board has been established to deal with the allegations against the Chairperson fairly and expeditiously. The grievance against the GCEO will be dealt with in terms of SABC employment and disciplinary policies.


The Special Committee’s mandate includes:


  1. evaluation of the allegations made by the GE against the Chairperson, so as to determine whether the allegations constitute a prima facie act of misconduct, and, if so, investigating the merits and veracity of the allegations;


  1. making a determination based on the investigation conducted; and


  1. making recommendations to the SABC Board on the steps to be taken by the Board.


Should misconduct be proved, the Board is bound in terms of the Broadcasting Act to report the matter to the appointing body. In the interests of procedural and substantive fairness and respecting the rights of all the parties involved, the Board will not be doing a running commentary on the grievance process. We trust that the public and interested parties will allow due process to be followed. The SABC Board remains committed to transparency and upholding the rule of law.


The Board is proud of the significant achievements made in turning around the SABC during its tenure, particularly on issues of governance and accountability.


The Board will continue to steer the SABC towards full recovery so that it achieves the goal of becoming a sustainable public broadcaster and the leading, credible voice and face of the nation and the continent.




Issued By                   :              SABC Board

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