SABC2 is pleased to have secured the rights to broadcast a thrilling documentary The 2000’s, which debuts on Sunday the 23rd May 2021 at 21:00.
Produced by Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman and Mark Herzog, this 7-part documentary chronicles pivotal events that took place throughout the first decade of the 21st century in American history.
The documentary will take the viewers inside the dramatic events during the devastating terror attacks of September 11th in 2001, the events that resulted with the United States launching two wars and adopting unprecedented security measures and The Hurricane Katrina that hit the Gulf Coast in 2005 which became the most destructive natural disaster in the nation’s history.
The 2000’s is also a decade that saw the election of America’s very first black president into office when Barrack Obama won the elections and moved to the White House in 2009.
Episode 1 – 23rd May 2021
(Television’s Golden Age)
With Sex and the City and The Sopranos developing into cultural touchstones, HBO continued its programming dominance by adding Six Feet Under, The Wire, Deadwood, True Blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm to its line-up.
Episode 2 – 30th May 2021
The decade that saw the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, also saw pop reign supreme. With prolific producers like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams stepping out from behind the console and onto the stage, the
2000s were dominated by hip-hop and pop music.
Episode 3 – 6th June 2021
(Mission Accomplished)
Although Vice-President Al Gore wrapped up the 2000 Democratic nomination with relative ease, it took a bruising primary battle in South Carolina against Sen. John McCain for Gov. George W. Bush to secure the Republican nomination.
Episode 4 – 13th June 2021
(You’re Doing a Heckuva Job)
Despite President Bush’s claim of mission accomplished and the eventual capture of Saddam Hussein, the war in Iraq was proving militarily difficult and politically divisive. ‘The Insurgency’ was taking hundreds of American and Iraqi lives every month.
Episode 5 – Sunday 20th June 2021
(2008 Election Through 2010)
2008 saw the meteoric rise of two very different but very consequential political stars, the junior senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, and the first-term governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.
Episode 6 – 27th June 2021
(Boom and Bust)
This episode examines the various financial and political causes and explores the too-big-to-ignore personal consequences and cost what evolved into a genuine economic crisis.
Episode 7 – 4th July 2021
(The Next Big Thing)
As technology continued to shrink the globe throughout the 2000s, it seemed to broaden personal landscapes. From now on, no fact or figure, song or movie was beyond our reach; anytime,
anywhere. The common human horizon was becoming the width of the closest available screen.
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