SABC is proud to introduce one of its bursary beneficiaries Mr. Moeketsi Mahlatsi, a 24-year-old young man from the Eastern Cape, Lady Grey who obtained a B.Sc. degree in Quantity Surveying degree this year. In celebration of Mandela Month, we chat to him about his journey and inspiration to further his studies at the University of the Free State, funded by the SABC Foundation since 2017.
How did you get to be SABC’s bursary beneficiary? Tell us about the process
In 2016 when I was doing grade 12, I started searching for funding online, and the SABC bursary was one of many bursaries which I applied for. I sent my application to the SABC and then I got an acknowledgment letter, informing me that my application was received. In October 2016 I received a letter informing me that I have received the bursary and the SABC is waiting for my final grade 12 results. On the 5th January 2017, I got my final grade 12 results and was accepted by the University of the Free State and then sent the acceptance letter to the SABC. Then I received an official letter from the SABC informing me that the bursary will be covering my registration, tuition, accommodation, books, and meals.
What inspired you to pursue a Quantity Surveying qualification and what does the course entail? 
Quantity Surveying is a construction industry profession that deals with construction contracts and the finances of construction projects. It advises a contractor about the finances of the project, suitable contracts for the project, and the legal side of the project. I decided to pursue this qualification because of its diversity. This qualification comes with many options once completed because it includes Finance, Law, Management, and Business.
How has the SABC enabled you to achieve this milestone?
The SABC awarded me a bursary from my first year in university until I completed my degree. This bursary gave me financial freedom and allowed me to focus on my studies without worrying about the fees. The SABC bursary fully paid for my tuition, accommodation, books, and grocery allowance. Throughout my university time, I never had to worry about a place to stay or where I would get food. This all gave me financial and emotional freedom, allowing me to focus on my studies. I am truly thankful to the SABC, for making things easy for me and allowing me to achieve my biggest dream. Getting a university degree and being able to support my family has always been my biggest dream.
What are your future aspirations in your professional life in the next 5 years?
I want to gain more experience in the Quantity Surveying field as an Estimator, a Contract Evaluator, and as Construction Manager. I am looking forward to being supervised by an experienced Quantity Surveyor so that I can learn more about problem-solving in this field. Later, I want to register as a candidate Quantity Surveyor and obtain a practice number to become a fully equipped and qualified Quantity Surveyor.
What advice would you give to future students and graduates coming after you?
Hard work will always pay off. My high school teacher always told me that there’s no such thing as “luck”, instead, “You make your own luck”. If you work hard enough, good things will come to you. Nothing is impossible; you can achieve anything if you work hard. Secondly, discipline is very important to pass through the hardships at school. You need to start being disciplined from the early grades of school to allow yourself to be a successful student in University/College. It will be difficult to learn discipline at the tertiary level, if you want to succeed, learn it now.


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