Over the past five to eight years, the SABC suffered chronic governance failures resulting in the collapse of the internal control environment, dysfunctional organization, exposure to constant negative publicity, stakeholders, and clients losing confidence. The tangible costs as a result of these failures were the losses suffered and instability in leadership positions.
Therefore, it was clear to the new leadership that enforcing good governance and internal controls was the cornerstone of turning the SABC around. The envisaged controls are not a bureaucratic burden that stifles the SABC’s agility and competitiveness but a set of activities and processes integral to SABC’s daily operations at all levels.

Ethical leadership with a high level of Integrity is essential as it supports good governance and internal controls to prevent the corporation’s collapse. When this combination functions in an integrated manner, the internal control environment becomes stronger and consequently helps the SABC to comply with the laws and regulations, deliver value to its stakeholders and achieve the strategic objectives.
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