This month, South Africa commemorates the first democratic elections that took place on 27th April 1994, where all its citizens were freed from years of oppression by the apartheid regime. And now, 28 years in, our democracy has been guided by the constitution that guarantees equal rights for all while empowering all South Africans to live freely.

As the country finally experiences a glimmer of hope from the COVID-19 pandemic and steadily walks out of the state of national disaster, it is also a reminder of their resilience and ability to strive in difficult times. This year’s celebration is more than a remembrance of the country’s victory over apartheid, it is also a celebration of South Africans’ strength reflected in their endurance in the past two years filled with challenges imposed by the Corona Virus which brought the loss of loved ones, unemployment, anxiety, and depression among many others.

The SABC is more proud to be playing an active role in ensuring that not only do South Africans remain participants in their own democratic freedom, but also find their personal freedom after years of restrictions. The public service broadcaster aims to empower citizens to find their own personal freedom by providing consistent, relevant content which South Africans can rely on as they deliberate, form opinions, and build their own future. The SABC continues to provide citizens the freedom to voice their concerns and challenges while fostering conversations that are meant to remind and encourage them of their power as meaningful contributors to their own futures and the democratic progression of this country.

This year’s theme #FindYourFreedom empowers all citizens of the country to re-build themselves and recognize their individual power and its contribution to the overall positive change that can be achieved. SABC remains a perfect fit into our young democracy; reminding the old of the progress made thus far while empowering the young to continue exercising their freedom in examining the challenges and advocating for solutions for a better future.