Springbok Radio was the first commercial radio station in South Africa, but sadly closed down in 1985. The memories didn’t die though.

During April 1985 the powers that be, namely the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation), decided to cut Springbok’s transmission time to 13 ½ hours per day. At that stage, Springbok was broadcasting 19 hours a day. The reason for this decision was that Springbok’s popularity showed a downward trend in the evenings. People were turning off their radios at night to watch television

Since the memories didn’t die Springbok Radio is now a drive by the SABC Radio Archives to keep the Springbok Radio legacy alive, a legacy which was passed on to us by the Springbok Radio Preservation Society of South Africa, and it now called Springbok Radio Revisited.

Social Media
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Contact Person:
Sipho Hlophe
Tell: 011 714 3034
Mail: Springbokradio@sabc.co.za or HlopheSG@sabc.co.za