Regarded as Southern Africa’s foremost facility provider, we can be your partner in delivering your dream to the viewer. Website


How does Henley TV Facilities fit into the SABC: Henley TV Facilities, is a Business Unit of the SABC under the Technology Division. Background: Henley TV Facilities – A Television facilities provider in Broadcast, Production and Post-production for SABC1, SABC2, SABC3, SABC Encore, SABC Sport, SABC News, SABC Education and all SABC Content commissioned Productions. […]

Radio Broadcast Facility

RBF provides broadcasting studios — fitted with the technologically most advanced equipment available — for all the public broadcasters. Website

Broadcast Information Technology

 The convergence of technologies, rapid developments in business IT solutions, digitisation initiatives in the SABC have together placed an increased demand on the SABC for an encompassing IT Strategy. Coupled to the explosive growth of the Internet along with its ability to provide a platform for a truly international audience, the introduction of digital broadcasting, […]