Johannesburg – Tuesday, 5 April 2022 – The SABC Board notes that its media statement dated 25 March 2022 on the Analogue Switch Off (ASO) may not have exhausted the agreed procedures (i.e. the Shareholder’s Compact between the SABC and the Government of the Republic of South Africa) regarding engagements with the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, Ms. Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, the Shareholder Representative. The SABC apologizes to the Minister for this oversight.  The SABC will, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, continue to adopt an approach that balances the needs and expectations of the Shareholder in a way that the SABC Board independently believes best serves the interests of the SABC in meeting its public mandate.


The Board has noted that ETV and SOS/MMA have inappropriately used and continue to use its media statement in pursuance of their litigation against the Minister. The Board has informed ETV and SOS/MMA that its media statement was not intended for the purposes of the ongoing court case; the appropriation of the media statement by them in their court application is inappropriate and has no probative value should be placed on the media statement.


The SABC Board welcomes the Minister’s assurance that she will continue to engage with the SABC on all issues relating to the Analogue Switch Off. The SABC will continue working closely with the Minister and the Department on the planning and implementation of the Analogue Switch Off, focusing on the opportunities digital offers to the SABC whilst mitigating any risks associated with the Analogue Switch Off.


Both parties will continue engaging each other as they are committed to the constitutional public mandate of the SABC of informing, educating, and entertaining South Africans.



Issued By:                              THE SABC BOARD

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