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RFP/LOG/2016/29 and RFP/LOG/2016/30: Lifts and Escalators tenders

RFP/ENG/2016/24: Supply of Camera's and Camera transmission equipment

RFP/TVO/2016/26: Supply of a Gyro stabilized camera platform.

RFP/NEW/2016/20: Upgrade of provincial studios for 24 hour news.

RFP/TVO/2016/8: Production wall monitors

RFP/HEN/2016/23: Digitisation of SABC Legacy material

RFP SGL/APCS/16/01: Cleaning and hygiene services for SABC Auckland Park offices (updated)

RFP SGL/CS/16/03: SABC Courier Services.

RFP MFK/MXC/2016/01: Supply and installation of digital mixing consoles - Mafikeng studios


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