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RFP SGE/24HN/14/06: Supply of studio equipment for SABC Regions

RFP FIN/GC/14/01: Supply and delivery of gold coins.

RFP SGE/DRPS/14/02: Supply and installation of a digital radio production system.

RFP SGE/AFM/14/04: Upgrade Analogue Audio Final Mix Suites - Henley TV Facilities

RFP WC/SPS/14/03: Provision of security services - SABC Sea Point, Montague Gardens and Rocklands

RFP CM/RIS/14/01: Radio Imaging Services (revised)

RFP BMF/KBL/SPS/14/03: Security Services for Bloemfontein, Kimberley and Platfontein

RFP SGL/PS/MAF/14/01: Security Services - SABC Mafikeng


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