TV Schedule for SABC3


05:00 Hardball
05:30 Hectic On 3 S2
06:00 Expresso
09:00 Safari Live S2
10:00 Trending SA S5 Best of
10:30 7de Laan S22
DeWet visits André in prison. Mariaan surprises Chris with a special gift.
11:00 Generations - The Legacy S30
A soapie about stimulating a conversation on the transfer of wealth, knowledge and culture. Successive generations in African society have produced men and women of great intelligence, vision and the drive for excellence.
11:30 Judge Faith Jenkins S1 - S2
12:00 Jag S1
13:00 On Point
On Point follows the development of the general news of the day in-depth where the show informs viewers on the further developments on the stories. This is a blended segment with 2 hours of general news and markets segment for an hour.
14:30 One Day at A Time S1
15:00 Double Trouble
15:30 Crash Zone S2
16:00 Hectic On 3 S2
16:30 Judge Faith Jenkins S1 - S2
17:00 Afternoon Express
18:00 Trending SA S5 Best of
18:30 Foreign Drama
19:30 Survivor S35
20:30 Unfiltered
21:00 News @21:00
21:30 The Oath
22:30 Bundesliga Review Show 2020/21
23:30 Koze Kuse S2
Viewers get to know the faces behind their favourite DJ voice in this segment where radio meets TV.