TV Schedule for SABC3


00:30 Curtain Call S1
"Tutu Puoane is a South African Jazz singer. Born May 31, 1979 in the township of Atteridgeville, Pretoria but grew up in the township of Mamelodi, Pretoria]. By 1997 she had already been performing in Johannesburg downtown. Realizing her passion for singing, Tutu went on to study jazz vocals at the University of Cape Town with Jelena Reveshin and Virginia Davids. She received several awards from major South African jazz competitions. In 2000 she won the old mutual jazz encounters for Cape region and in 2001 she received a merit award for young promising talent at the Daimler Chrysler South African jazz competition. Tutu’s challenge will require her to perform an Opera song."
01:00 Bold And The Beautiful - 2016 (Eps 6964-7213)
01:30 Isidingo S19
02:00 High Rollers S3
02:30 Our First Home
03:30 Hawaii Five-O S2
04:30 Larger Than Life With Jason Goliath
05:30 Sid The Science Kid S1&2
06:00 Expresso S6
09:00 Trendz 2016
10:00 Bold And The Beautiful - 2016 (Eps 6964-7213)
10:30 High Rollers S3
11:00 Isidingo S19
11:30 Those Who Can't S2
Marlene is away on her fake Maternity leave when the Temp arrives. Only it's not the temp, it's Woody's mum, who gladly accepts the position. When the real temp shows up Woody has to keep her hidden away without arousing suspicions.
12:00 Trending SA
13:00 News @ 1 2016/17
13:30 Africa News Update 2016/17
14:00 Fun-Atix S1
15:00 Cooking With Chris Smit S1
16:00 Real Talk S1
17:00 Afternoon Express S2
18:00 Bold And The Beautiful - 2016 (Eps 6964-7213)
18:30 News @ 18:30 2016/17
19:00 Isidingo S19
19:30 High Rollers S3
20:00 Divas Of Jozi
21:00 Sober Companion S1. The
22:00 Larger Than Life With Jason Goliath
22:30 Hawaii Five-O S2
23:30 Days Of Our Lives S34