TV Schedule for SABC3


00:00 Comedy Central Presents Colourblind Live At Lyric 1
01:00 Comedy Central Roast Of Flavor Flav 1
02:00 Trendz 2016
03:00 Mela S35
04:00 An Nur The Light S10
04:30 Sadhana S5
05:00 AM Shopping
06:00 Sid The Science Kid S1&2
06:30 Weekend Edition
09:00 Scout's Safari S2
09:30 Avatar, The S1 And S2
10:00 Challenge Sos S3
"Little Nippers Beach ChallengeThis is it, today sees the end of a long and intense road for our top two primary school teams in an epic Little Nippers beach battle! The Little Nippers is an organization that teaches young children lifesaving skills. The two teams will compete by trying their hand at some of the different lifesaving techniques used by the Little Nippers. This is the final challenge so these two teams will have to put it all on the line if they want any shot at glory."
10:30 An Nur The Light S10
11:00 Sadhana S5
11:30 Frontier Vets S1
12:00 Top Chef SA
13:00 High Rollers S3
13:24 High Rollers S3
13:48 High Rollers S3
14:12 High Rollers S3
14:36 High Rollers S3
15:00 ManCave
16:00 Cooking with Chris Smit
16:30 Hayden Quinn
17:00 Social Reunion, The
18:00 Jam Sandwich S4
18:30 News @ 18:30 2016/17
19:00 Cerro Torre A Snowball's Chance In Hell 1
21:00 Ted (2012) 1
23:00 Chicago Fire S2 (2013/14)