TV Schedule for SABC3


00:00 Comedy Central Presents Casper De Vries
01:00 Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts
02:00 Trendz Travel
03:00 Chicago Fire S2 (2013/14)
04:00 An Nur The Light S10
04:30 Sadhana S5
05:00 AM Shopping
06:00 Messy Goes to Okido
06:15 Animal Mechanicals
06:30 Weekend Edition
09:00 Scout's Safari S2
09:30 New Adventures of Madeleine
10:00 Challenge Sos S3
"High RopesThe finals are here and for the first time we will have three teams going head to head … to head. Only three challenges remain before one of these three teams will be crowned the Unsinkable Primary School Class of 2015. The high ropes challenge is an obstacle course, but with a twist, as it is high up in the trees, so balance and concentration will be key. Another twist, is that the team with the slowest time, will be eliminated today!"
10:30 An Nur The Light S10
11:00 Sadhana S5
11:30 Frontier Vets S1
12:00 Top Chef All-Star S8
13:00 High Rollers S2
13:24 High Rollers S2
13:48 High Rollers S2
14:12 High Rollers S3
14:36 High Rollers S3
15:00 ManCave
16:00 Cooking with Chris Smit
16:30 Hayden Quinn
17:00 Social Reunion, The
18:00 Jam Sandwich S4
18:30 News @ 18:30 2016/17
19:00 Spanglish (2004) 1
A woman and her daughter emigrate from Mexico for a better life in America, where they start working for a family where the patriarch is a newly celebrated chef with an insecure wife.
21:00 World's End, The (2013) 1
23:00 Chicago Fire S2 (2013/14)