TV Schedule for SABC3


00:00 Starsky & Hutch S2
01:00 Transporter, The S1
"Cherchez La FemmeThe delivery of an anti-social young hacker puts Carla’s life in jeopardy. Unwilling to be bullied into surrendering the hacker, Frank concocts a plan to rescue Carla, but after it’s revealed that corrupt members of the DCRI after Jet, Frank must enlist the help of Tarconi and Juliette to save Carla, the hacker, and now himself. But as the DCRI predicts Frank’s every move, he must ask himself: is he trusting the right people? Is Juliette more of a threat than he previously thought?"
02:00 Deutsche Welle Tv
05:00 Deutsche Welle Tv
05:30 Treasure Hunt (National) S2
06:00 Expresso S6
08:30 Jam Sandwich S4
09:00 Bold And The Beautiful - 2016 (Eps 6964-7213)
09:30 Days Of Our Lives S33
10:30 Muvhango S17
This drama series, written by veteran journalist Duma ka Ndlovu, portrays the conflict between the modern lifestyle of South Africans in the 1990's juxtaposed with the ancient and sacred traditions of tribal Africans.
11:00 Isidingo S19
11:30 7de Laan S17
12:00 Starsky & Hutch S2
13:00 News @ 1 2016/17
13:30 Africa News Update 2016/17
14:00 Our First Home
15:00 Whose Wedding Is It Anyway S7
16:00 Afternoon Express S2
17:00 Days Of Our Lives S33
18:00 Bold And The Beautiful - 2016 (Eps 6964-7213)
18:30 News @ 18:30 2016/17
19:00 Isidingo S19
19:30 Minute To Win It S2 C (2010/11)
20:30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine S1
21:00 Exes S3, The
21:30 Kumali Nanjiani Brta Male
22:30 Comedy Central Roast of Steve Hofmeyr
23:30 Whitney S1 (2011/12)