TV Schedule for SABC2


00:00 Full View
03:00 Globe, The
05:00 Thabang Thabong S5
05:30 Nina And The Neurons S5: In The Lab
Scientist Nina teaches science with the help of her friends Ollie,Felix,Bud,Belle and Luke.
05:44 Nina And The Neurons S5: In The Lab
Scientist Nina teaches science with the help of her friends Ollie,Felix,Bud,Belle and Luke.
05:57 Op Pad S21
A local religious devotional programme in afrikaans.
06:00 Morning Live
08:00 Inside The Baobab Tree S5
Enter a world of endless possibilities Inside the Baobab Tree, the enchanting home of Mandisa and Baby Bab, the bush baby.
08:30 Baby Tv S2
09:00 Raising Babies 101 S2
09:30 Stories Untold
The program celebrates inspirational stories, of ordinary people who overcome against the odds, and ultimately become agents for social change in healing the nation.
10:00 Health Talk
11:00 7de Laan S22
Lesedi warns Bonita to not get involved in DeWet’s plans. Connie and Aggie discuss a sensitive topic.
11:30 Muvhango S22
KK becomes a laughing stock when he ignores the office dress code. Azwindini and Susan battle to come to grips with the reality of their reduced circumstances.
12:00 Uzalo S6
A provocative, bold and authentic narrative that tells the story of two family dynasties, the Mdletshes and the Xulus, and the two young men who carry their hopes and legacy’s.
12:30 Generations - The Legacy S30
A soapie about stimulating a conversation on the transfer of wealth, knowledge and culture. Successive generations in African society have produced men and women of great intelligence, vision and the drive for excellence.
13:00 Skeem Saam S9
A drama series about three teenage boys who grapple with tough conflicts as they navigate their journey to manhood in a Limpopo township.
13:30 Side By Side (Lado A Lado)
14:00 Touched By An Angel S6
15:00 Kiddets
15:15 Kiddets
15:30 The Adventures Of Puss In Boots
16:00 Restyle Mystyle S4
16:30 Hectic Nine 9 S15
17:00 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's S1 & S2
17:30 Venda/tsonga News
18:00 7de Laan S22
Ivy almost puts her foot in her mouth. Marko is livid and wants to confront Rickus.
18:30 Nuus
19:00 Fokus
19:30 Vlieende Springbokkie, Die S2
20:00 Setswana/sesotho News
20:30 Ngula Ya Vutivi / Zwa Maramani
20:57 Live Lotto Draw
21:00 Muvhango S22
Vho-Masindi is furious when the royal throne goes missing. Susan calls Azwindini out on his financial situation.
21:30 Mamello S1
22:00 Breaking New Ground
A documentary series that showcases how the lives of ordinary South Africans are transformed through provision of adequate housing and access to freshwater and decent sanitation.
22:30 Health Talk
23:30 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's S1 & S2
The future of dueling is revving up! And with it begins a new legend! Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's! With new cards, new players & new adventures, you’d better start your engines & get set to duel! Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's – don’t let the revolution pass you by!