TV Schedule for SABC2


06:00 Thabang Thabong S8
This is a children's programme with songs, stories and competitions. It is presented by Phuti and features puppets Thandi, Tiki and Toko.
10:30 Psalted S6
Today on Psalted we will be joined by Patrick Duncan as co-host with Leera Mthethwa. Music items featured are by “Manie Jackson, Fredi Nest�, “Dedrick Haddon�, “GateWay Worship�, “Steven Curtis Chapman� and “Patrick Duncan�. “77 Chances� is the film reviewed by Nurden Cross
12:00 Noot Vir Noot S41
Noot vir Noot is the evergreen musical game show where an excellent knowledge of musical notes can earn you bundles of cash notes! The show promises entertainment, laughs and all round family fun, with the viewers getting involved and participating with contestants. The Noot vir Noot icon, host Johan Stemmet, and his team are still creating the magic after 25 years together with the "Musiek Fabriek" band.
13:00 Pasella S24
As the name indicates, Pasella is a bonus for it's viewers and it is a high profile magazine programme. While the focus is on people and entertainment, Pasella also features actuality and news inserts.
14:30 7de Laan S17
Aggie is going through a difficult time. Matrone gives advice to Charmaine. Kim is curious about the new tenants in the Heights.
15:00 7de Laan S17
Will Gita get her money back? Diederik is excited about his guest that is arriving tomorrow.
15:30 7de Laan S17
SABC 2’s popular soap also now repeats on SABC3. Sewende Laan is a long running multicultural soap that deals with the trials and tribulations, laughter and trauma of a group of people living in a suburb of Johannesburg like Melville, Parkview or Norwood.
16:00 7de Laan S17
Oubaas is concerned about Hilda’s safety. Errol has had enough. Aggie feels positive about her future.
17:00 Smallville S10
Tess discovers that the alternate-universe Lionel has taken over LuthorCorp under the guise that he only faked his death years prior. Martha Kent holds an anti-VRA rally that results in her being shot by a spectator. Lionel finds the Lex clone in an abandoned building and realizes that he is the one who shot Martha, though his real intention was to kill Clark with kryptonite bullets. Later, Martha confronts Lionel and Lex at the Luthor mansion, but Lex subdues the others and sets fire to the mansion. Tess convinces Lex to give up his quest for vengeance, while Clark is able to save Lionel and Martha from the fire. Afterward, Tess attempts to kill Lex but discovers he is indestructible and the superheroes watch as the VRA is repealed by voters.
18:00 Setswana/ Sesotho 2016/17
Daily actuality news reports from around the world and locally in Sotho/Setswana.
19:00 Nuus 2016/17
Daily actuality news reports from around the world and locally - Afrikaans.
20:00 It's Gospel Time S14
Rebecca Malope, the queen of South African Gospel music, will be the host of this half hour Gospel music programme that will change the face of worship for Gospel music lovers in South Africa.