TV Schedule for SABC2


00:00 Prime Time News
01:30 Network 2015
02:00 News @ 8
02:30 Sports Live
03:00 Your World
05:00 Infomercials
05:30 Infomercials
06:00 Thabang Thabong S8
This is a children's programme with songs, stories and competitions. It is presented by Phuti and features puppets Thandi, Tiki and Toko.
06:30 Disney A.N.T. Farm S2 (2011/12 Eps 27-47)
A musical prodigy, gets into a gifted program called Advanced Natural Talents at the local high school.
06:57 Motheo S17
Christian Devotion/Morning prayer to start off the day.
07:00 Morning Live 2016/17
Join us as we keep the nation informed on breaking news stories, national issues affecting ordinary South Africans as well as entertaining the nation.
08:30 Simcha S9
We visit the Breslov Shul and Rabbi Goldstein continues to teach us the 13 principles of faith.
09:00 Issues Of Faith Series 1
Issues of Faith, is a documentary series that reflects various issues that confront South Africa's religious communities.
09:30 Issues 09/12:amina Middle East
Issues of Faith, is a documentary series that reflects various issues that confront South Africa's religious communities.
10:00 Hosanna S12
Today's Hosanna is based at a local Catholic radio station, Radio Veritas. The theme is The Good News. We meet Fr Brian Mhlanga, the associate station manager and Moira Mpama, a regular listener. The priest, Fr Emil Blaser, who founded the station 17 years ago, talks about sharing the Good News. Soweto Gospel Choir, Walter Butt and Antoinette Olivier sing for the programme.
10:30 Psalted S6
Today on Psalted we will be joined by Maduvha as co-host with Leera Mthethwa. Music items featured are by “Switchfoot�, “Stass en Leza Liversage�, “William McDowell ft. Trinity Anderson�, “The Newsboys� and “Maduvha�. “Khumbula� is the film reviewed by Nurden Cross.
11:00 Showville S1
An exciting talent contest based on the concept of going into South African towns and finding - and developing - wonderful, quirky, interesting talent. We're not in it to mock talent, our show is feel-good! We find 4 fabulous acts through an open audition process, whom our professional coaches will mentor over a day or two.
12:00 Noot Vir Noot S41
Noot vir Noot is the evergreen musical game show where an excellent knowledge of musical notes can earn you bundles of cash notes! The show promises entertainment, laughs and all round family fun, with the viewers getting involved and participating with contestants. The Noot vir Noot icon, host Johan Stemmet, and his team are still creating the magic after 25 years together with the "Musiek Fabriek" band.
13:00 Pasella S24
As the name indicates, Pasella is a bonus for it's viewers and it is a high profile magazine programme. While the focus is on people and entertainment, Pasella also features actuality and news inserts.
13:30 50/50 S7
Over the years it has proved a powerful and influential tool in highlighting conservation issues in an objective, independent manner, winning a host of awards along the way. Now, 50/50 is moving to the next level and has undergone a makeover to keep it up to the minute and relevant for South Africans of all ages, who are seeking a forum where they can be informed and educated about ‘green’ issues while being solidly entertained.
14:30 7de Laan S17
Paula has big news to share. Vanessa says how she really feels. Sifiso and Diederik doesn’t see eye to eye.
15:00 7de Laan S17
Pulane and Kim are gossiping again. Matrone is shocked when Marko tells her what is going on.
15:30 7de Laan S17
Tarryn puts her foot down. Bonita tries to repair her reputation. Will Diederik’s plans work out?
16:00 7de Laan S17
Will Charmaine see Tarryn’s true colours? Kim is jealous of Pulane. Felicity finds herself in a difficult situation.
16:30 7de Laan S17
Vince tries to protect Bonita. Paula wants to make peace with Marko. Tumi leaves Hillside.
17:00 Smallville S10
After being knocked unconscious at Carter's funeral, Clark and his friends wake up without their powers and flashbacks of Chloe experimenting on them in a secret lab. Chloe informs Oliver that the government has put everyone in a coma and imprisoned their minds in a virtual reality. Clark and the team learn that the government is attempting to find a way to turn on and off the heroes' powers in the real world to ensure their cooperation with the Vigilante Registration Act. Chloe hacks into the program and one-by-one helps each hero back into reality. Chloe reveals that she blackmailed Flag's Suicide Squad into joining forces with her as a means of keeping them from harming innocent lives.
18:00 Setswana/ Sesotho 2016/17
Daily actuality news reports from around the world and locally in Sotho/Setswana.
18:30 Fokus 2016/17
Fokus is South Africas premier Afrikaans actuality television programme. Hosted by award winning journalist Lynette Francis, its a forum for ideas, debate and in depth reports on issues affecting people from all walks of life.
19:00 Nuus 2016/17
Daily actuality news reports from around the world and locally - Afrikaans.
19:30 Skwiza S4
A local sitcom which aptures the zeitgeist, the unconscious and nearly universal aspect of living here now and engages audiences on a deep level.
20:00 It's Gospel Time S14
Rebecca Malope, the queen of South African Gospel music, will be the host of this half hour Gospel music programme that will change the face of worship for Gospel music lovers in South Africa.
21:00 Issues Of Faith15/24 - Life And Death Of A Good Man 1
Melville Edelstein was brutally slain by a crowd of enraged students in Soweto on June 16th, 1976. Deputy Chief Welfare Officer of the West Rand Administration Board [WRAB], Dr Edelstein was a philanthropist who over some 18 years instituted many community projects for the Youth & the Disabled in Soweto.
22:00 Person Of Interest S2
Reese and Finch work to save both the life of a CEO undergoing secret surgery and the wife of the surgeon from a former MI6 agent and a team of ex-SAS operatives; Leon Tao from "The Contingency", once again in danger, assists while under protective detention.
23:00 Vampire Diaries, The S3
Elena and Alaric head to Tennessee and are followed by Damon. Klaus continues to try to create hybrids but fails when the hybrids end up bleeding to death or went crazy and Klaus had to kill them himself.