TV Schedule for SABC1


05:00 Reflections Of Faith S19
05:02 Geleza Nathi S7
06:00 Kids News And Current Affairs 2016/17
06:30 Sportsbuzz September 2016
07:00 Yotv S26 Land
A toddlers program catering for the development of motor skills through song, play and story telling. Animation, story telling trees, songs, dancing, fun characters and a magical bus all go into creating the colourful and entertaining world of YOTVland.
07:30 Takalani Sesame S9
08:00 Bold And The Beautiful - 2016 (Eps 6964-7213)
08:30 Isidingo S19
09:00 Generations - The Legacy S25
10:00 Skeem Saam S5
10:30 My Perfect Family S1
As if the growing pains of ordinary teenage-hood weren’t enough, socially-awkward, teen soap star, Luyanda Nkosi, takes on the role of trying to keep his already broken, dysfunctional family together. It’s not so much that he needs to try his hand at fathering his own parents because even though he acts more mature than most guys his age, young Lu still needs guidance of his own. But Luyanda Nkosi’s maturity level has him believing that he holds the answers to his parents’ constant bickering.
11:30 100% Youth S2
The series entails 4 episodes of 48 minutes. Youth Culture is a documentary series that follows the history and culture of traditional music and forms carried out by youth on the periphery of mainstream society. The show seeks to understand what drives these youth to follow and protect their heritage and carry out a legacy? Music and dance are forms of expression, and Youth Culture will use these same forms of expression to drive the storytelling. The show will showcase their talent, struggles, the background and their journeys. This is a character-driven series will comprise of stand alone episodes with an upbeat tempo and an interesting feel. It will allow the voice of the youth to come through as well as the reality of the world they live in. Some of the sub-topics the show will engage the youth on are: Arts & Culture; Heritage; Identity & Nation Building; and, Social Values.
12:00 Imizwilili S18
13:00 Lunchtime News 2016/17
13:30 Matt Hater Chronicles S4
14:00 Yilungelo Lakho 2016/17
16:00 Bona Retsang S2
16:30 Yotv S27 Live
17:28 Reflections Of Faith S19
17:30 Ndebele/ Siswati News 2016/17
17:55 Fan Base S5
18:25 Skeem Saam S5
21:00 Xhosa/ Zulu News 2016/17
21:30 Generations - The Legacy S25
22:00 Skl Urban Sessions S4
A music show that presents an entirely fresh and innovative way to view live performances, Sky Room Live is a thrilling new event to hit South Africa's music scene.
23:00 Friends Like These S14
This highly entertaining, people-based game show has something for everyone – great games, tears and laughter, tension, suspense and jeopardy.