TV Schedule for SABC1


00:00 Koze Kuse S1
Koze Kuse is an overnight music show which airs on SABC1 from midnight to 5am every morning. The music show kicks off each night with a Top 10 countdown where DJ’s from the country’s biggest radio stations share their top ten music videos.
05:00 Geleza Nathi S6
“Geleza Nathi is Mzansi’s favourite study buddy which offers quality education on core subjects every weekday from 5am – 6am kicking off the day with fun games, local school visits and topical youth-related issues.�
06:00 Imani - Divine Spark S6
IMANI is a religio-cultural and spirituality programme that is an enlightening reality into what sacred African teachings are to African children, their parents and elders.
06:15 Imani - Divine Spark S6
IMANI is a religio-cultural and spirituality programme that is an enlightening reality into what sacred African teachings are to African children, their parents and elders.
06:30 Siyakholwa S9
The presentation of the programme is to create an environment to work together to produce a series of foundational, educational, innovatively creative television programmes for children of the 5-9 year old age group .
07:00 Marvel's Avengers Assemble S1 (2012/13 Eps 1-26)
The further adventures of the Marvel Universe's mightiest general membership superhero team.
07:30 Yotv S27 Big Breakfast
YOTV Big Breakfast just like YOTV LIVE is all presenter-driven interactive, dynamic, fun and wacky social media blom-pozzie that entertains and informs Mzansi’s youth.
08:30 Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man S2 (2012/13 Eps 27-52)
As the series begins, Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for one year. He has saved lives and fought supervillains, but he is still in the process of learning how to be a superhero. Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. offers Peter the chance to train to be a real superhero and become "The Ultimate Spider-Man".
09:00 Urban Music Experience
An exciting new take on the chart show format that rolls out on a Friday night. It presents the cosmopolitan urbanite with a jam-packed music video chart extravaganza – the perfect start to a great party weekend.
10:00 Mzansi Insider S5
11:00 Generations - The Legacy S25
Karabo knows she’s out of her depth - it’s time for Tau to take over. Namhla realises her mother might have been right about Jack. Not everyone is happy when Sphe gets an idea to save the day.
11:30 Generations - The Legacy S25
Nolwazi admits she’s the one who leaked the Moroka info. Lucy warns her brother he’s playing a dangerous game. A policeman investigating Bra Pops’s murder shows up at the shebeen.
12:00 Generations - The Legacy S25
It doesn’t go well at the meeting between Jozi’s two criminal top dogs. Things get ugly between two ex-lovers. The Morokas have a major fight in full view of the press.
12:30 Generations - The Legacy S25
Getty tries to sort things out with Max. Sphe is having doubts about marrying into the Moroka family. Karabo kicks one of her own out of the house.
13:00 Generations - The Legacy S25
Smanga feels he’s fighting a lost cause and throws in the towel. Tebogo warns Mazwi he must fix things or he’s out. Namhla sells out her own father.
13:30 Full Coverage 2016
Full coverage is a magazine show that looks at the social and political issues in sport, across all the sporting codes, looking at what makes south African sport what is it.
14:00 Soccer 411
14:45 Build Up
15:00 SAB U21: Final – Fixtures TBC Live
17:30 Roots S11
A local traditional music show that caters for South African’s traditional and indigenous music genres. It is this designed to provide valuable entertainment and to fulfill a national concern for the preservation of culture as expressed in the milieus of art, music and dance.
18:00 Friends Like These S14
This highly entertaining, people-based game show has something for everyone – great games, tears and laughter, tension, suspense and jeopardy.
19:00 Xhosa/ Zulu News 2016/17
Daily actuality news reports from around the world and locally in Xhosa.
19:30 Real Goboza, The S11
The lifestyle magazine show offers the closest distance between our viewers and their celebrities! It is a slick, glossy, fun and fast paced show about beautiful people and what they are up to.
20:00 Wedding Planner, The (2001) 1
Mary Fiore is San Francisco's most successful supplier of romance and glamor. She knows all the tricks. She knows all the rules. But then she breaks the most important rule of all: she falls in love with the groom.
22:00 Skl Urban Sessions S4
A music show that presents an entirely fresh and innovative way to view live performances, Sky Room Live is a thrilling new event to hit South Africa's music scene. The show features live performances by some of South Africa’s leading artists, broadcasted live onto social networks like Facebook and Twitter or simply on the Sky Room website.
23:00 Selimathunzi S29
SABC1's popular locally-produced variety series, regularly travels to all the regions in the country, spotlighting special events and glamorous functions, highlighting the latest trends, fads and fashions.
23:30 Zaziwa S4
Zaziwa will give viewers a chance to get to know their favourite celebrities through the music that has helped shape their lives. This is music that is reminiscent of the particular celebrity’s life experiences eg: their childhood, first kiss, difficult times, time spent with family, their travels.