TV Schedule for SABC1


00:00 Koze Kuse S1
Koze Kuse is an overnight music show which airs on SABC1 from midnight to 5am every morning. The music show kicks off each night with a Top 10 countdown where DJ’s from the country’s biggest radio stations share their top ten music videos. Viewers get to know the faces behind their favourite DJ voice in this segment where radio meets TV.
05:00 Izwi La Bantu S16
05:02 Geleza Nathi S7
06:00 Kids News And Current Affairs 2016/17
06:30 Yotv S25 Ntunjambili
07:00 Yotv S26 Land
07:15 Yotv S26 Ilitha Lethu
07:30 Takalani Sesame S9
08:00 Bold And The Beautiful - 2016 (Eps 6964-7213)
08:30 Isidingo S19
09:00 Generations - The Legacy S25
09:30 Muvhango S17
10:00 Skeem Saam S4
10:30 City Ses'la S2
The local sitcom revolves around the lives of six 20-somethings, from completely different cultural backgrounds, who escaped the pressures of family tradition, eleven official languages, lobola payments, overbearing parents and arranged marriages to end up in a trendy loft apartment in the heart of Jozi’s metropolitan melting pot.
11:00 Shift S13
12:00 Soccer Zone 2016/17
13:00 Lunchtime News 2016/17
13:30 Ispani S7
14:30 Freefonix S1
15:00 Yotv S27 Live
16:00 Teenagers On A Mission S8
16:30 Celebrated
16:59 Celebrated
17:28 Izwi La Bantu S16
17:30 Ndebele/ Siswati News 2016/17
18:00 Nyan' Nyan S4
18:30 Skeem Saam S4
19:00 Xhosa/ Zulu News 2016/17
19:30 Selimathunzi S29
20:00 Generations - The Legacy S25
20:30 Uzalo S2
21:00 Million Dollar Intern
22:00 Making Moves S6
A show that celebrates and profiles successful entrepreneurs by uncovering their initial and current motivations, their challenges and obstacles along the way, and finally their victories against all odds.
23:00 Shift S13
Shift is carefully formulated to get viewers thinking and talking about shifting their mindsets and changing their attitudes. The show is fast moving, jazzy and up beat. Its aim is to influence attitudes and behavioral changes amongst unemployed, unmotivated and insecure audiences.