TV Schedule for SABC1


00:00 Koze Kuse S1
Koze Kuse is an overnight music show which airs on SABC1 from midnight to 5am every morning. The music show kicks off each night with a Top 10 countdown where DJ’s from the country’s biggest radio stations share their top ten music videos.
06:30 Bonisanani S10
Bonisanani is an outlook express platform of fun and friendship dedicated to change young viewer’s expressions of their outlook on life, love, family and all the other things that happen while you are not looking.
07:00 Marvel's Avengers Assemble S1 (2012/13 Eps 1-26)
The further adventures of the Marvel Universe's mightiest general membership superhero team.
07:30 Yotv S26 Ntunjambili - Twin Caves
Ntunjambili features Demana and Demazana, siblings who are drawn into a mythical cave and through a series of challenges and adventures (solved and survived through books and story-telling) and with the help of the wise and magical Magangane (who lives in the cave), the Children learn universal lessons and life-skills.
08:15 Yotv S25 Zenzele
This is a show that satisfies the curiosity of young children’s ever inquiring minds. The show takes practical or abstract “frequently asked questions� that children have and answers them. Combining craft, art, culture and traditions and making facts fun are some of the elements that are related in a child friendly way.
11:00 Identity S4
A multi-faith magazine series that is, hip and techno-happening, sharing stories and encounters of faith with young Mzansians. The show focuses on shaping new ways in which youth in the religio-spiritual world relate to one another as they seek to inquire who they are and what makes their identity.
14:00 Real Goboza, The S11
The lifestyle magazine show offers the closest distance between our viewers and their celebrities! It is a slick, glossy, fun and fast paced show about beautiful people and what they are up to.
17:00 Euro Wrap Up 2016
The show comprises analysts and commentators wrapping up the action for the entire match. Post match interviews and viewer interaction will also feature during the show.
17:30 Kulcha Kwest S3
Culture is our values, belief systems and way of life; Kulcha Kwest, as the name says takes young people on a cultural quest. We witness emotional journeys through case studies, as they experience, understand, engage and participate with their culture.
18:00 Elections Debate 2016
A pre-election Debate Show that carries interviews with political representatives sharing their parties views with the electorate.
19:30 Sokhulu And Partners S3
Sokhulu & Partners is a local legal drama series which explores all aspects of the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights and how they apply in practice. The television series aims to popularize constitutionality and the workings of the Constitutional Court by giving the law a human face.