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Jacob Zuma has condemned the outbursts by US president Donald Trump to totally destroy North Korea due to continued tests on nuclear weapons saying the statement is not helping.
Zuma condemns Trump outbursts

Thursday 21 September 2017 12:55

President Jacob Zuma says South Africa took a position that nuclear must not be used for dangerous weapons but instead be used for non-military purposes such as Health and Energy.


Iran-US in war of words on UN nuclear treaty

Wednesday 20 September 2017 20:57

Iran wouldn't be the first country to violate the international agreement guaranteeing that its nuclear programme is for peaceful means but would respond decisively to any party that violates.


Zuma signs anti-nuclear weapons treaty

Wednesday 20 September 2017 18:12

South Africa has signed the treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons at the United Nations headquarters in New York today, following about 30 other states.


The Food and Agricultural Organisation show that 2.5 million South Africans are undernourished a significant increase from the 2.0 million of 2005.
Increase in number of chronically undernourished people globally

Wednesday 20 September 2017 18:01

Data published by the United Nations (UN) show that after 1999 the new millennium heralded a period of improving nutrition and declining levels of hunger across the globe.


The Paris Agreement requires all Parties to put forward their best efforts through “nationally determined contributions.
UN chief urges stronger partnership on Paris Climate deal

Tuesday 19 September 2017 06:53

The UN Secretary General has called on governments and businesses to forge an even closer alliance to ensure the implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.


Trump says United Nations has not reached its full potential

Monday 18 September 2017 22:15

United States President Donald Trump in his maiden address at the United Nations has expressed a view that the world body has not reached its full potential.


Just over 3 billion people still use traditional, solid fuels like firewood and dung to cook.
Clean cooking push suffers from "shocking" lack of funding

Monday 18 September 2017 07:12

Funding to boost the numbers of people with access to electric power and clean cooking is too low to meet the global goal for everyone to have modern, reliable and affordable energy by 2030.


Their latest missile launch reached an altitude of about 770km and flew for almost 20 minutes over Japan’s northern territory before landing in the Pacific Ocean.
UN condemns North Korea's ballistic missile launch

Saturday 16 September 2017 15:23

The United Nations Security Council has once again condemned what it called the “high provocative” ballistic missile launch by the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea.


Zuma to attend 72nd session of UN General Assembly

Friday 15 September 2017 17:00

President Jacob Zuma will next week attend the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly and address its general debate on peace and sustainability.


UN investigating leaked sex abuse complaints in CAR

Thursday 14 September 2017 21:32

The United Nations said on Thursday it was looking into allegations that complaints of sexual abuse and exploitation made against its peacekeepers Central African Republic.


Antonio Guterres expressed a view that unity between China, the United States and Russia were essential if North Korea's nuclear ambitions were to be brought to heel.
UN Chief calls for united stance on N Korea crisis

Thursday 7 September 2017 08:35

The UN Secretary General believes that the unity of certain members of the Security Council is key to resolving the North Korean nuclear crisis.


UN Chief Antonio Guterres says it’s time to get serious about keeping ambitions high on climate action and on building resilience.
UN Chief calls for reduction in disaster risk

Wednesday 6 September 2017 12:10

It’s time to get serious about keeping ambitions high on climate action and on building resilience, so says the Secretary General of the United Nations in expressing the organisation’s solidarity.


Kem Sokha had been charged with "colluding with foreigners” under Article 443 of Cambodia's penal code, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court said in a statement.
Cambodia charges opposition leader Kem Sokha with treason

Tuesday 5 September 2017 13:08

Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha has been charged with treason and could face a jail term of 15 to 30 years if convicted, a court said on Tuesday.


Addressing the BRICS leaders’ summit, President Jacob Zuma says emerging economies should be given a platform to influence decisions on how to maintain global peace and security.
Zuma calls for collective decision on North Korea

Tuesday 5 September 2017 11:41

Leaders of the Brics economic grouping have warned the US government against taking a unilateral decision to launch a military strike against North Korea.


Suspected Boko Haram members kill 18 people in northeast Nigeria

Saturday 2 September 2017 09:28

Suspected Boko Haram militants killed 18 people in northeast Nigeria on Friday, according to local witnesses and officials, the latest in an escalating number of lethal attacks in the region.


UN Chief Antonio Guterres arrived in the region on Monday on a three-day visit to shore up the Middle East Peace Process.
Netanyahu slams UN for 'obsession' with Isreal

Tuesday 29 August 2017 12:00

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has used the UN Secretary-General's official visit to Jerusalem to criticise the world body for having what he calls an "absurd obsession" with his country.


IS threat remains despite military blows: UN report

Friday 11 August 2017 07:45

The Islamic State group continues to "motivate and enable" global attacks and funnel funds to supporters despite military blows, according to a UN report on Thursday.


Trump warns North Korea of 'fire and fury'

Wednesday 9 August 2017 09:21

President Donald Trump issued North Korea with an apocalyptic warning on Tuesday, saying it faced "fire and fury" over its weapons programs.


Pandor promotes science tourism

Sunday 6 August 2017 08:40

Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor says that the country has enough science hubs to offer for attractive and sustainable tourism.


Venezuela political crisis remains a concern

Wednesday 2 August 2017 21:24

The situation in Venezuela remains an internal matter and has yet to become a concern for the maintenance of international peace and security.


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