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Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho says all the member states participating in the United Nations General Assembly should remember that it was the US who first declared war.
Trump’s remarks a declaration of war, says North Korea

Monday 25 September 2017 21:27

North Korea’s Chief Diplomat says remarks by the United States President in the UN General Assembly last week amounted to a declaration of war.


Mugabe likens Trump to the biblical Goliath

Friday 22 September 2017 05:50

President Robert Mugabe has likened United States President Donald Trump to the biblical Goliath who threatens the extinction of other countries.


SA joins UN HIV-Aids programme

Thursday 21 September 2017 21:35

SA has joined with the UN Programme on HIV and Aids to announce a new breakthrough pricing agreement that could revolutionize the treatment and management of HIV in low to middle income countries.


Trump deeply disturbed by Congo, South Sudan violence

Thursday 21 September 2017 06:06

United States President Donald Trump says he is deeply disturbed by the on-going violence in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


World leaders continue to tackle issues regarding reformation

Thursday 21 September 2017 05:50

World Leaders will continue to address the UN General Assembly through the weekend, tackling issues of UN reform, climate change and terrorism among a host of issues.


Iran-US in war of words on UN nuclear treaty

Wednesday 20 September 2017 20:57

Iran wouldn't be the first country to violate the international agreement guaranteeing that its nuclear programme is for peaceful means but would respond decisively to any party that violates.


Trump, Macron address General Assembly for first time

Wednesday 20 September 2017 10:07

Both United States President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron addressed the General Assembly for the first time onTuesday, but their speeches could not have been more different.


African leaders address UN on several issues

Wednesday 20 September 2017 09:21

Several African leaders addressed the UN Secretary General Assembly on wide range of issues, including the empowerment of women, and the human rights situation of the Rohingya Muslim minority.


The Paris Agreement requires all Parties to put forward their best efforts through “nationally determined contributions.
UN chief urges stronger partnership on Paris Climate deal

Tuesday 19 September 2017 06:53

The UN Secretary General has called on governments and businesses to forge an even closer alliance to ensure the implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.


Their latest missile launch reached an altitude of about 770km and flew for almost 20 minutes over Japan’s northern territory before landing in the Pacific Ocean.
UN condemns North Korea's ballistic missile launch

Saturday 16 September 2017 15:23

The United Nations Security Council has once again condemned what it called the “high provocative” ballistic missile launch by the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea.


Guterres called on authorities to end violence against the Muslim minority who have fled across the border into Bangladesh in their hundreds of thousands.
UN acknowledges Rohingya fleeing Myanmar

Thursday 14 September 2017 05:42

The UN Chief has acknowledged that the situation of the Rohingya fleeing Myanmar after a brutal crackdown by the army is best described as “ethnic cleansing”.


UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has told the Council that their collective engagement will be crucial to prevent further suffering.
Human rights groups slam UNSC on Myanmar situation

Wednesday 13 September 2017 05:38

Two international human rights organisations have labelled as shameful the lack of urgency in the UN Security Council regarding the situation of Myanmar’s Rohingya.


The DPRK earlier indicated that if new measures were imposed it would ensure the United States paid a due price; causing Washington the “greatest pain and suffering” it had gone through in its history
Tough sanctions imposed on North Korea

Tuesday 12 September 2017 10:46

The UN Security Council has imposed stiff new sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic for Korea.


Mega storm Irma continues through the Caribbean

Friday 8 September 2017 20:07

Hurricane Irma has continued on its destructive path through the Caribbean with top officials in the United States warning.


Tens of thousands have been left homeless by Harvey’s extensive flooding.
Hurricane Harvey death toll rises to 47

Thursday 7 September 2017 18:17

The death toll from a category 4 hurricane that made landfall in southern Texas in the United States exactly a week ago today has reached 47 .


Antonio Guterres expressed a view that unity between China, the United States and Russia were essential if North Korea's nuclear ambitions were to be brought to heel.
UN Chief calls for united stance on N Korea crisis

Thursday 7 September 2017 08:35

The UN Secretary General believes that the unity of certain members of the Security Council is key to resolving the North Korean nuclear crisis.


UN Chief Antonio Guterres says it’s time to get serious about keeping ambitions high on climate action and on building resilience.
UN Chief calls for reduction in disaster risk

Wednesday 6 September 2017 12:10

It’s time to get serious about keeping ambitions high on climate action and on building resilience, so says the Secretary General of the United Nations in expressing the organisation’s solidarity.


North Korea leader begging for war: US

Tuesday 5 September 2017 05:36

US has told an emergency session of the UN Security Council that the abusive use of missiles and nuclear threats by North Korea’s leader shows he is begging for war.


Tens of thousands have been left homeless by Harvey’s extensive flooding while large parts of the of the storm affected region remain cut off due to flooded highways.
Death toll reaches 47 in Texas storm

Friday 1 September 2017 21:38

The death toll from a category four hurricane that made landfall in southern Texas in the United States exactly a week ago today has reached 47.


UN Chief Antonio Guterres arrived in the region on Monday on a three-day visit to shore up the Middle East Peace Process.
Netanyahu slams UN for 'obsession' with Isreal

Tuesday 29 August 2017 12:00

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has used the UN Secretary-General's official visit to Jerusalem to criticise the world body for having what he calls an "absurd obsession" with his country.


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