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Italy begins naval mission to help Libya curb migrant flows

Wednesday 2 August 2017 20:44

Italy began a limited naval mission on Wednesday to help Libya's coastguard curb migrant flows.


Libya is yet to decide what to do with corpses stored in the city of Misrata.
Hundreds of ISIS militant corpses await repatriation from Libya

Sunday 23 July 2017 21:13

Libyan authorities are negotiating with other governments to decide what to do with hundreds of bodies of Islamic State militants stored in freezers in the city of Misrata.


Seven of the migrants were identified from papers or identity cards.
Egyptian migrants found dead in east Libyan desert - Red Crescent

Sunday 9 July 2017 16:50

Libyan aid workers recovered the bodies of 19 migrants believed to be Egyptians in Libya's eastern desert, a Red Crescent spokesperson said on Sunday.


The US Supreme Court last month let the ban on travel from six Muslim-majority countries go forward.
US appeals court denies Hawaii bid to narrow Trump travel ban

Saturday 8 July 2017 07:40

A US appeals court on Friday rejected Hawaii's request to issue an emergency order blocking parts of President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban.


In January President Trump first signed the order, sparking protests and chaos at airports around the US.
Trump administration defends interpretation of travel ban ruling

Tuesday 4 July 2017 09:00

The administration of US President Donald Trump opposed opening the door to grandparents from six Muslim-majority countries on Monday.


 For years, about 60% of AU spending has been financed by donors.
Mugabe donates $1 million to African Union

Tuesday 4 July 2017 06:45

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said on Monday he was donating $1 million to the African Union (AU), hoping to set an example for African countries to finance AU programmes.


An international passenger arrives at Washington Dulles International Airport after the U.S. Supreme Court granted parts of the Trump administration's emergency request to put its travel ban.
US lays out criteria for visa applicants from six Muslim nations

Thursday 29 June 2017 06:40

Visa applicants from six Muslim-majority countries must have a close US family relationship or formal ties to a US entity to be admitted to the United States under guidance.


The bodies had washed up on the shores of Libya's town of Tajura just outside the capital Tripoli.
Rescue workers recover more bodies from Libyan shores

Thursday 29 June 2017 06:13

Rescue workers recovered the bodies of five migrants on Wednesday who had drowned in the Mediterranean Sea while trying to reach Europe.


Illegal arms continue to flow into Libya

Tuesday 13 June 2017 20:37

A United Nations report concludes that arms have continued to be illicitly transferred to and from Libya on a regular basis.


Gaddafi's son said to be freed in Libya, whereabouts unclear

Sunday 11 June 2017 17:59

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, has left the town of Zintan where he had been held since 2011 after being freed by an armed group.


Legal experts said Trump's tweets could complicate his legal team's defense of the ban.
Trump complicates travel ban case by grumbling at Justice Dept

Tuesday 6 June 2017 06:07

US President Donald Trump accused his own Justice Department on Monday of watering down his temporary travel ban on people from several predominantly Muslim countries, potentially hurting his case


Thousands of migrants fleeing conflict and economic hardship in the Middle East and Africa have died in recent years.
Dozens of migrants rescued from burning rubber dinghy off Spain

Wednesday 31 May 2017 08:08

Dozens of migrants were rescued at the weekend after jumping from a rubber dinghy that had burst into flames as they tried to get to Spain across the Mediterranean Sea.


Egypt launches air raids in Libya after Christians killed

Saturday 27 May 2017 06:32

Egyptian fighter jets carried out strikes on Friday directed at camps in Libya which Cairo says have been training militants who killed dozens of Christians earlier in the day.


Migrants who clung to boat rescued off Libya, seven bodies found

Friday 26 May 2017 16:45

Nearly 80 migrants were rescued off Libya's coast after clinging to their sinking boat for two days, though the bodies of seven people who did not survive were also recovered.


Nearly 9,000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean over weekend - IOM

Tuesday 18 April 2017 14:49

Nearly 9,000 mainly African migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean this past long weekend, after setting out from Libya on unseaworthy boats.


Libya govt urges intervention over southern clashes

Sunday 16 April 2017 16:30

Libya's unity government has called for urgent intervention by the international community to end military escalation in its south, warning of a possible civil war.


Migrants traded in "slave markets" in Libya, U.N. agency says

Tuesday 11 April 2017 15:48

Growing numbers of African migrants passing through Libya are traded in what they call slave markets before being held for ransom, forced labour or sexual exploitation.


Sanctions against Gaddafi’s daughter lifted

Wednesday 29 March 2017 15:49

Aisha Gaddafi, the only daughter of the late Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has had sanctions against her lifted by Europe’s second-highest court, which ruled they were no longer justified.


Norway, Denmark & Iceland: Happiest countries in the world

Monday 20 March 2017 21:45

Norway, Denmark and Iceland are the happiest countries in the world.


Tripoli is controlled by a patchwork of armed groups that have built local fiefdoms and vied for power since Libya's 2011 uprising
Tripoli armed factions take over rival's compound in heavy fighting

Wednesday 15 March 2017 17:15

Armed groups aligned with a UN-backed government in Tripoli took over a compound occupied by a self-declared rival prime minister.


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