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Fiercest fighting in days hits Syrian border town

Sunday 19 October 2014 12:09

The fiercest fighting in days shook the Syrian border town of Kobani overnight, sources inside the town and a monitoring group said on Sunday.


Syrian border town still under siege by Islamic State

Sunday 5 October 2014 07:00

Islamic State forces shelled the Syrian border town of Kobani on Saturday and its Kurdish defenders said they were expecting a new assault to try to capture it.


US, allies pledge more aid for Syria's opposition

Thursday 25 September 2014 05:40

As the US and its allies pounded Islamist militants in Syria with airstrikes, Washington and members of the so-called Friends of Syria group pledged more than $90 million in humanitarian assistance.


US, Arab allies launch first strikes on militants in Syria

Wednesday 24 September 2014 10:15

The United States and its Arab allies bombed militant groups in Syria for the first time on Tuesday, killing scores of Islamic State fighters, members of a separate al Qaeda-linked group.


Strategy on Islamic State includes support for Syrian opposition, Iraq

Wednesday 10 September 2014 20:42

President Barack Obama on Wednesday will announce his plan to defeat Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria in a speech to Americans.


Obama feeds critics with bid for more time on Syria

Saturday 30 August 2014 11:51

President Barack Obama has bought some time with his decision to slow the march toward US airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria and provided fodder for critics who accuse him of dithering.


Syrian refugees top 3 million: UN

Friday 29 August 2014 08:15

Three million Syrian refugees will have registered in neighbouring countries as of Friday, an exodus that began in March 2011 and shows no sign of abating, the United Nations said.


Islamic State executes dozens of Syrian army soldiers - monitor

Thursday 28 August 2014 14:17

Islamic State fighters have executed dozens of members of the Syrian army, a group monitoring the violence said on Thursday.


Syrian army, Islamic State clash near army airport: Monitor

Friday 18 July 2014 11:20

Syria's army clashed with Islamic State fighters outside a government-controlled military airport on Friday.


Syria's President Bashar al-Assad arriving to be sworn in for a new seven-year term at the presidential palace in Damascus July 16, 2014.
Assad sworn in for new seven-year term

Wednesday 16 July 2014 20:14

Bashar al-Assad was sworn in for a new term as Syria's president on Wednesday.


Israeli commandos clash with Hamas gunmen in Gaza raid

Sunday 13 July 2014 07:00

Israeli navy commandos clashed with Hamas gunmen during a raid on the coast of the Gaza Strip on Sunday.


Syria warns UN aid delivery without consent could be attacked

Friday 20 June 2014 20:02

Syria's government warned the UN Security Council that delivering humanitarian aid across its borders into rebel-held areas without its consent would amount to an attack.


Syria bombing kills 20 in refugee camp near Jordan border

Wednesday 18 June 2014 15:22

Syrian army helicopters killed at least 20 people, mostly children and women, in the first attack on a refugee camp in southern Syria along the border with Jordan.


Rocket fire kills 50 in Aleppo

Monday 2 June 2014 14:36

Syrian rebel rocket fire on government-controlled areas of Aleppo killed 50 people over the weekend, a monitoring group said on Monday.


Russia, China veto UN bid to refer Syria to ICC

Friday 23 May 2014 11:45

Russia and China vetoed on Thursday a resolution to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court for possible prosecution of war crimes and crimes against humanity.


At least 51 killed in Syrian government-held areas

Tuesday 29 April 2014 15:44

Car bombs and mortar attacks killed at least 51 people in Syrian government-held areas of Damascus and the central city of Homs on Tuesday.


Russia says Syria not using chemical arms

Friday 25 April 2014 14:03

Allegations that Syrian government forces have used toxic chemicals are false, Russia said on Friday.


Two die as mortar drops near opera house

Sunday 6 April 2014 13:48

Two people were killed when mortar fire hit the grounds of the Damascus Opera House in the Syrian capital, state media said on Sunday.


At least 150,000 people have been killed in Syria's 3 year civil war
More death tolls in Syria's civil war

Tuesday 1 April 2014 14:39

At least 150,000 people have been killed in Syria's 3 year civil war, a third of them civilians, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Tuesday.


Patriotic young Lebanese say the battle to stay is lost

Friday 28 March 2014 19:03

In both war and peace, Lebanon has always seen many of its ambitious youth leave for better opportunities.


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