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Spirtuality & religion

The SABC has for years been producing top-notch religious and spiritual programmes. Many of these shows have received international recognition . Whether its Christian, Jewish or Hindu, we have programmes for you.

Looking In, Looking Out - Sulha - Reversion

Most of us have practised the rituals of our faith, taking part in religious festivals and following the traditions of our parents and grandparents -


A celebration of Life is our faith specific Jewish magazine that shares and celebrates the life of faith of Judaism as practised in SA.

An Nur - The Light

This Islamic religious magazine program casts light on the religion of Islam and highlight issues, people, places, food, songs and poetry.

Free Spirit

Free Spirit offers an eclectic, non-judgmental experience of South Africa’s diverse spirituality, and an exploration of alternative health and complimentary therapies.

A Chance to Return

Jewish New Year Special This program looks at the period of Repentance and Return on the Jewish Calendar.

Dharma Moments

This lifestyle series is our faith specific magazine for the Hindu community in SA that shares the life of faith and spiritual journeys of one of the ancient religions in the world, Hinduism, as.....

Issues of Faith - In the Shadows of Beau Bassin

A South African man born in Mauritius to a seemingly Catholic family and converted to Judaism by marriage

Issues of Faith -Every 26 Seconds

Every 26 seconds, a woman is raped in South Africa.

An African Pesach

Pesach is the Jewish holiday that celebrates the liberation and freedom of the Jewish people.

Issues of Faith - Pula Nala

This documentary, Pula Nala-prayer for Rain, is a beautifully shot, pictorially moving account of how the fate of a three-month-old Sotho baby


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