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Africa must surely be one of the last remaining “wild” continents. It is a continent where wildlife abounds. But this wildlife is under threat from people, drought, predation and exploitation by big business and organised crime. This is the backdrop of the wildlife stories that we tell. Like any true drama originating in Hollywood, our wildlife show have that same compelling, must-see element to it. In fact, we are the Hollywood of wildlife. Experience it first-hand in the following clips on this website.

Healing Power of Nature

Scientists are increasingly becoming aware that human contact with wilderness and the natural riches that survive – precariously in this era of species extinction – has invaluable healing power.

Aspects of Life

This series explores aspects of life in diverse environments found in Southern Africa, including islands, deserts, rivers, estuaries and wetlands, savannah, coastal regions and oceans.

Secrets of Nature

Dry, brown and brittle, the smallest chameleon in the world, drifts like a dead leaf across the forest floor.

Wild Heroes

The rangers of the Kruger National Park are the custodians of one of Africa’s most treasured natural assets - its large diversity of wildlife.

Nile Crocodile

A ground-breaking, award-winning documentary which proves that the crocodile’s reputation for being a cold-blooded killer is undeserved.

South Africa and its Wonders

This series informs the viewer about the uniqueness of selected parts of Southern Africa, with special emphasis on animal life and other natural aspects of the region.

Wild LTD

A TV series dedicated to educate viewers about conservation, species under stress, and ecological and environmental issues, focusing on day to day heroes behind the scenes throughout Southern Africa.

Wild Ones

A series in which two siblings, Geenie and Mandla, big wildlife enthusiasts, explore thrilling, fascinating, funny and educational themes from the natural world from their “laboratory” bedroom.

Wild Quest

The role of humankind in environment is a highly specialised one, a successfully run eco-system high, given the odds stacked against nature in a world, people are encroaching their natural resources.

Bush Radar

Michelle Garforth sets out on a first of its kind, a 52-part series, that covers the big and the small of the animal kingdom.


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