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Latest Releases

  • The TRC Series: Lest we forget

    This documentary explores how people aided and abetted the apartheid system and helped to ensure its survival through “not knowing”.

  • Shoreline (coast to coast)

    South Africa’s coast is the meeting place of two ocean giants – the cold Benguela current of the Atlantic Ocean and the warm Agulhas of the Indian Ocean.

  • Celebrating the Life of Ahmed Baba

    The Manuscripts of Timbuktu is a picturesque and poetic journey that traces the history of the priceless manuscripts.

  • Celebrating the Life of Robert Sobukwe

    This film is about the search for a voice, the voice of a man, many view as the father of Pan-Africanism.

  • Precious Africa

    Precious Africa is a reality travel series connecting and showcasing youth around Africa.

  • 7de Laan

    7de Laan is a long-running multicultural soapie and the brainchild of Danie Odendaal, who came upon the idea for this popular soapie more than ten years ago when he was living in Melville.

  • Isidingo

    Isidingo - The Truth, a highly charged fast-moving thriller where stakes are high – love, betrayal, murder and the revelation of secrets from the past.

  • Generations

    Cast in the traditional soap-opera mould that has made others famous, Generations is a character and story driven dramatic series about the lives of two families.

  • Issues of Faith - Mewa Ramgobin

    A documentary that reflects the journey of one of South Africa’s great hero’s of the struggle,

  • Fallen

    When Mvelo Nobela, a young music producer, inherits his father's Durban business empire he is faced with the challenge of uncovering the mystery of his mother and grandfather's disappearance.

  • A Country Imagined

    In this landmark series the host takes us on a journey through South Africa to explore the connections between landscape, art and identity in a highly polished, ground- breaking entertaining series

Coming Soon

  • Fashionistas

    Set against the backdrop of the lavish fashion and juxtaposed with the vibrant township culture, childhood friends Kuti, and Ngulube are thrust into the worlds of the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.

  • The Immigrants

    South African history is dominated by the discourse of white versus black. Since liberation in 1994, the concern on all levels has been to create a non-racial unified society.

  • Streets of Mangaung

    The Mangaung Police Station has just experienced a major upheaval. A new female station commander has been appointed and she’s sweeping clean.

  • People of the South

    People of the South is an up-market docu-entertainment style chat show that profiles celebrities and citizens locally and internationally.

  • Shoreline II

    South Africa has one of the most magnificent shorelines in the world, home to World Heritage Sites such as the St Lucia Wetlands, and unique biomes as found at the Cape Peninsula.

  • Let Heaven Wait

    “Piet, Elias and Gullum are retirement village mates who are not ready to just curl up and wait for the grave. They have unfinished business and ambitions, including seeing who can get laid first.

  • House of Cards

    In the sexy world of high stakes gambling, De Wet King owns and operates the Silver City string of casinos and luxury resorts in South Africa.

  • Rainbow Boys

    One of the largest ‘industries’ in South Africa, is the all-encompassing ‘Security Business’ – a vast collection of quasi-military organisations, entrusted with ‘24/7’ armed-response protection

  • Learner Teachers

    Every day, in homes across the country, young people fumble for the alarm-clock, stumble into the same clothes they wore yesterday, and go to school. For hours they endure boredom, bullies, and brats


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Where Angels Tread

In South Africa in the 1870s, Goodman Household aches to fly and John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal, has a burning desire to teach black people the secrets of salvation the Bible holds.

Cape Rebel

This is the turn of the century and South Africa is torn by war with the British Empire. Fighting for their freedom from British domination.

Shaka Zulu

Zulu A lavish and spectacular 10-hour mini series focusing on the life and times of Shaka Zulu.