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South Africa has a rich and colourful past. From its earliest colonisation by European nations, to the struggle to break free from this history, to the icons that fought to bring democracy to its people. All of this provided a rich background for the creation of stories that are just waiting to be told. The SABC, with its award-winning documentaries, have done just that. We tell, in a truly entertaining way, the stories that are just begging to reach a wider audience. Below we have listed some of the doccies that we believe an international market would have a keen interest in.

Sticks and Strings

Sticks and strings is the story of Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones, aka The Handspring Puppet Company.

Am I an African

This episode digs deep into the identity of South Africans today and in the past during Apartheid times.

Dancing to the beat

Dance styles and music have changed over the last twenty years. Today youths of all races are dancing to the same beat and enjoy the same music.


Richtersveld is a story of the Nama people and how they have over the past 30 years, been in and out of court battles fighting for their land.

Krotoa – Daughter Of The Cape

A story about Krotoa, the only recorded female interpreter of her time. Krotoa was the bridge between the Khoi people and the Dutch settlers.

The wrong packaging

A young white male has a strong sense that there is something wrong with him. He is 22, still lives at home with his mother and has no real job.

Trace your Roots

Trace your roots is a fresh and unique programme that guarantees excitement, relevance and reverence in Mzansi today


This is a documentary about a South African family with blood on its hands.

Knitting Needle Guerillas

Knitting needle guerillas is a socio-historical account of South African women who participated in the liberation struggle and were enlisted with the military wing of the ANC, Mkhonto we Sizwe.

Mystic Journey

The occult has always held an attraction for many, as has the nature and provenance of greater mystery we call “religion”.


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