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Die Uwe Pottie Potgieter on SABC 2  |  Thursday 13 July 2017 10:00


SABC2 announces the broadcast of the repeat of the drama series Die Uwe Pottie Potgieter every Monday at 7pm, starting 7th August 2017.

Summary:- The series follows the adventures of Pottie trying to find a job. His mother-in-law has moved in with him trying to help his son, 17 year old Sebastiaan through matric. Pottie’s friend Tiny also lost his job and has not told his wife four months after being fired and goes to Pottie’s house every day to prevent his wife from being suspicious. Sebastiaan is very bad in maths and his association with the new girlfriend he met at extra maths classes, 18 year old Tascha only makes matters worse.

Pottie and his mother-in-law don’t get along at all. She resents the fact that he is jobless and blames him that her daughter is in Saudi Arabia. The series is about all the ordinary Afrikaans family trying to cope with ordinary issues, portrayed in the most hilarious way.

Episode Synopsis

Episode 1 – 7 August 2017
Pottie (Frank Opperman) and Baby (Elize Cawood) suspect Pottie’s son, Sebastiaan (Kaz Mc Fadden), of having an affair with the woman who teaches him extra maths lessons. It throws the house into a huge panic. Tiny (Ben Kruger), Pottie’s friend, suggests they feed Sebastiaan blue vitriol to cool him off.
The Potgieters make a birthday video for Stella in Saudi Arabia. Sebastiaan falls in love with Tascha (Cherie van der Merwe). Baby is extremely unhappy with her out-of-work son-in-law. Tiny suggests they all drink blue vitriol.

Episode 2 – 14 August 2017  
Sebastiaan has his very first girlfriend Tasha. Tasha’s parents are wealthy, and Sebastiaan is worried that she might think the Potgieters common. Baby tries to give the house a more stylish look – especially when she hears that Tasha is coming to visit. Things go horribly wrong.

Episode 3 – 21 August 2017
Sebastiaan has been selected to play in the first team rugby trials. Pottie and Baby are more excited about it than he is. Sebastiaan doesn’t want them to attend the game, as he is worried that they might disgrace him. In the meanwhile Pottie realises somebody is stealing his cigarettes. He suspects everybody in the house, also Sebastian, and sets a trap – a mouse trap.

Episode 4 – 28 August 2017
Sebastiaan wants to become a pop star. He and his friends start a band: The Rockweilers. The problems starts when The Rockweilers ask for permission to rehearse in Pottie’s garage. Pottie wants Spook Goosen to push his friend Tiny into the pool. Baby gets a migraine.

Episode 5 – 4 September 2017
Baby’s cousin Jean is getting married on Saturday. Baby asks Pottie and Sebastiaan to accompany her. Both refuse: Pottie is going to Loftus Versveldt with Tiny, Sebastiaan and Tascha have tickets for a rock concert. Tensions run high in the Potgieter household.

Episode 6 – 11 September 2017
Pottie recognises the face of one of his previous army corporals on a For Sale sign in front of a house in the neighbourhood. He pulls the board out and takes it home. Baby believes Pottie wants to sell the house and send her to an old age home. Tension mounts in the house, especially when Pottie decides to take revenge on the corporal, who gave him a hard time in the army. Sebastiaan is in trouble at school.

Episode 7 – 18 September 2017
Pottie is offered a job as a telemarketer. The company even wants to send him to Mauritius. Baby is jealous, as she has always wanted to visit Mauritius. To make matters worse, Sebastiaan and Tascha are fighting. Tiny has a feeling Doedels might be pregnant. Pottie is ready to crack.

Episode 8 – 25 September 2017
Sebastiaan and Tascha would like to get tattoos, but know Pottie wouldn’t allow it. He knows they are hiding something and thinks Tascha is pregnant. Tiny makes a beggar’s placard with a difference – in Portuguese, Spanish and German.

Episode 9 – 2 October 2017
Pottie buys Sebastiaan a car for his eighteenth birthday; a real skedonk. Tascha organizes a surprise birthday party, but the car breaks down before they can give it to Sebastiaan. Tiny is offered a job at a strip club, as a handyman. Will the Potgieters survive without Stella?

Episode 10 – 9 October 2017
After a heavy party at Tascha’s house, Sebastiaan finds a valuable framed autographed photo of Os du Rand and Tascha’s father broken. They ask Pottie to fix the prized possession. More things are damaged when Tiny gets involved.

Episode 11 – 16 October 2017
The son of the Sheikh for whom Pottie’s wife works in Saudi Arabia is coming to South Africa and wants to visit the Potgieters. Pottie invites him for a halaal kudu potjie. Tiny comes to stay for a few days and causes havoc. Does Tascha’s mother want to be crowned as Mrs Southern Africa?

Episode 12: 23 October 2017
Pottie’s neighbour buys an imported Italian dog. The dog’s incessant barking drives the Potgieters crazy. Baby believes lion dung would scare the dog away. Tiny promises to get them some. Sebastiaan and Tascha are studying hard ...  behind closed bedroom doors.

Episode 13 – 30 October 2017
Pottie is offered a job in Australia. It causes huge conflict in the house. Baby doesn’t want to move, but changes her mind when she sees the new neighbours. Sebastiaan wants to move, but not without Tascha.  Pottie can’t make up his mind: are they moving or not?



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