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Speak Out  |  Friday 18 February 2011 09:00

SABC2: Speak Out

Speak Out
ON: Wednesdays  
AT: 21:35
GENRE: Consumer Affairs
Presented by Duncan Senye and Vuyewlwa Booi the show assists the ordinary consumer in the street who often feels abused by retailers and service providers and isn’t quite sure how to address that situation or get a real, satisfying solution. The programme aims to be the champion and (the) a wake up call.

Current affairs and Reality TV combine and the results are learning outcomes that empower the viewer without becoming too preachy. It sets out to challenge retailers and service providers on behalf of the man or the woman in the street and to investigate civic issues that currently affect us all. 
With strong investigative research behind them the team will continue to expose bad service and show consumers how to handle such situations themselves. So often people just lose their temper and then nothing is achieved. 


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