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Skeem Saam Season Two starts this week on SABC1  |  Monday 11 March 2013 10:28

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On Thursdays 14 March at 20h30 season two of Skeem Saam starts on SABC1.  This season, the characters dodge bullets in Turfloop, experience narrow escapes in big cities and struggle to find independence and meaning in their lives. Old secrets are unearthed and new secrets are buried in futility.

Season two features lead roles Clement Maosa (Kwaito), Cornet Mamabolo (Tbose) and Patrick Seleka (Katlego).  Will Tbose and Kwaito learn from their mistakes, or are they doomed to repeat them? Tbose has never felt so alone in his life. When Kat breaks the ‘guy code’, he puts himself in the firing line, and Tbose crosses a line that puts innocent people’s lives at risk. Friendships are tested to the core and family ties are stretched to breaking point.

Sane Zonde, assistant commissioning editor at SABC Education says “the thrilling journey to adulthood continues with Tbose, Kwaito and Kat.  Tbose faces criminal charges. Kwaito contemplates the possibility of staying in London and Kat has a surprise visit that leaves the community reeling. Skeem Saam season two is riveting drama about tough conflicts young men must face as they navigate their journey to manhood in a Limpopo township”.

13 episodes of Skeem Saam, produced by PEU Communications for SABC Education will air on SABC1 Thursdays at 20h30 from 14th March.

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