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Platfontein 'Clean-Up' campaign  |  Wednesday 16 May 2012 14:43

Platfontein campaign

In collaboration with !Xunkhwesa Combined school, Keep Kimberley Clean, RBF, Hunger & Thirst and SASI in Platfontein launched the 'Keep Platfontein Clean Campaign.

"The station came up with this campaign as a way to encourage the community to keep their environment clean after noticing how messy the school's dressing rooms were. We asked the local 'Keep Kimberley Clean' project for assistance and they provided us with paint and refuse bags. The Municipality gave us refuse bins which the learners so creatively decorated, prompting them to choose the winner of the best decorated bin," said Regina Beregho (X-K FM Station Manager).

It took the station's First Citizens two days to get the dressing rooms in shape. On day one, they washed the toilets and the following day, on Friday, they painted and cleaned the school yard while having an Outside Broadcast in the school premises.

After the hard work, the station handed refreshments to grade 4-7 as an encouragement to continue with the good work. The Station plans to sustain the clean-up campaign by promoting and supporting it on an ongoing basis. This project will be celebrated annually by the Platfontein community through various environmental awareness initiatives.

A big thanks to all the partners and X-K FM staff for making this campaign a success it is.

By Regina Beregho


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