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“Episode Synopsis” - Food with Friends  |  Monday 27 February 2012 13:53

“Episode Synopses” - Food with Friends

“Episode Synopsis” - Food with Friends

3rd March - Episode 5 - Game On
This episode is for the sports fanatics and anyone else wanting to score big with snacks - that truly win with their guests. Chef Thomas puts together a menu for those who want to create a menu that makes match day, a great day.
The recipes are made to entertain everyone you’re having over for a big game. If you’re tired of the same old biltong and chips this episode is definitely worth the watch.

10th March - Episode 6 - Under the Sea
In this episode Food with Friends goes under the sea in search of some simple, tasty recipes. We bring a few friends together and show just how easy it is to make food that literally wets your appetite.
Chef Thomas puts together a menu that’s healthy, light and good for both your body and your palette. This is a seafood menu worth diving into.

17th March - Episode 7 - Spice it up
In this episode we spice things up. Food with Friends proves that spicy food does not have to burn a hole in your mouth. We show our guests the exotic and new flavours that can be created using many different spices.
While the guest is a tad reluctant to cook with spices, Chef Thomas and Katie show how it’s done by fusing many aromas, tastes and textures.

24th March - Episode 8 - High Tea
This episode of Food with Friends is a decidedly elegant affair. Chef Thomas helps Katie create an utterly decadent High Tea for her friends.
With an opulent setting and lavish menu Chef Thomas sets the scene for an afternoon of pure indulgence. It’s a culinary journey back in time worth savouring.

31st March - Episode 9 - Going Green
We go green in this episode of food with Friends. You’ll see how you can plan the perfect vegetarian menu with appetising, meat-free starters, main courses and dessert recipe. Chef Thomas takes our gueststo a world of tasty green dishes that you may also want to try in your own kitchen.  This episode will surprise those who never consider meat-free dishes.

7th April - Episode 10 - “Dr. Rey”
This episode is centered on renowned Hollywood plastic surgeon to the stars. Dr. Robert Rey visits Food with Friends to showcase the recipes he recommends for a healthier lifestyle.
With his exuberant personality and Chef Thomas’s innovative menu, this episode serves up both fantastic dishes and many laughs.

14th April - Episode 11 - Winter Warmers
In this episode Food with Friends turns up the heat on the winter blues. We create a few winter warmers that are sure to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Its all about embracing the oncoming winter and making food that tastes and feels good.
Our guest takes on the challenge of whipping up a winter wonderland menu with the help of Chef Thomas and Katie.

21st April - Episode 12 - Movie Night
This episode is all about making a night in, a night to remember. Chef Thomas has a menu starring snacks and treats that are so good you’ll feel guilty just watching.
The featured guest has a few of her friends over for her monthly movie night. Food with Friends will be putting together a movie night menu that makes her night a true blockbuster.

28th April - Episode 13 - Traditional braai with a twist
This episode puts a twist on a tradition all South Africans hold dear. Food with Friends serves up a traditional braai and adds a few surprising touches to it.
Our guests love entertaining and wanted a few ideas on how to make their braais even more memorable. With that brief in mind Chef Thomas comes up with a menu that takes the South African braai to a whole new level.

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