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High Rollers  |  Thursday 15 December 2016 08:51

High Rollers Episode synopses for High Rollers which airs Mondays – Wednesdays at 19:30 only on SABC3

EPISODE 3136 – 06 February 2017
While Talullah and Ben’s marital struggles worsen, Paul and David are at odds as to how Ben should handle the problem. Thandi further enlists Luther’s help and surprises Jakes with her view of the future. Denton gets what he asks for but isn’t happy about it at all.

EPISODE 3137 – 08 February 2017
Ben finds himself homeless and in need of solace. Thandi is suspicious of Luther’s impression of Jakes. Denton wants Esme to start getting her hands dirty. Paul tries to stage an intervention to save his son’s marriage.

EPISODE 3138 – 13 February 2017
Talullah’s confession proves to have dire consequences. Luther and David play a game that forces Busi and Paul to act. Esme and Denton make a long term pact and Esme gets unexpected news that will affect her future.

EPISODE 3139 – 14 February 2017
Ben and Talullah run through the divorce contract. David tests Luther in the Eye in the Sky but Luther catches David off guard. And Denton tells Pam he is going ahead with his plan with Esme, which is to have dire consequences for his target.

EPISODE 3140 – 15 February 2017
A stubborn Ben ignores David’s warnings and Pam attempts to harm Kings. Luther gloats over his first victory over David but Busi warns him not to be too confident. David plays dirty with Luther and catches him off guard.

EPISODE 3141 – 20 February 2017
Pam comes up with a dark solution to Denton’s problem. Thandi plays an ace and wins. Vikash lands Talullah in an awkward situation. David makes a play to get rid of Luther but ignores his advice and ups the ante.

EPISODE 3142 – 21 February 2017
Denton puts his foot down with Pam. Talullah overhears a conversation which plants a seed of doubt in her. Kenny threatens Talullah’s happiness. David plays his ace but gets a surprise when Luther shows his hand. Paul and Thandi receive an unexpected visitor with a surprising agenda.

EPISODE 3143 – 22 February 2017
Jakes and Thandi’s love is tested when she isolates him. Thandi finds herself between two fires. Frank’s to solve the Denton/Jakes situation but it blows up in his face.

EPISODE 3144 – 27 February 2017
Jakes’ eagerness to impress leads to him failing an important test. Pam comes up with a scheme that may have potentially grave consequences. Ben runs into a brick wall and is forced to re-assess his standing at Kings Casino. Luther and David’s battle takes a new and damaging turn.

EPISODE 3145 – 28 February 2017
Jakes is determined to meet TT but quickly learns how fiercely protective TT is of his daughter. Ben is desperate to be a whale hunter but gets resistance from all sides. David faces off with Luther but later realizes the extent of Luther’s reach in his personal life.

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