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Swartwater Episode Synposes  |  Tuesday 7 March 2017 10:00


TX : TUESDAYS , 19:00, STARTS 14 MARCH 2017

Episode 1- 14 March 2017
Philip is placed in a cell with some very antagonistic cell mates. He isn't too concerned, he is convinced he will be out soon but when his bail hearing eventually happens it is set at R2 million and his lawyer abandons him.  Francois has to come to terms with the fact that his marriage is completely and finally over.

Episode 2 – 21 March 2017
Karen is prescribed heavy pain killers for her injury and soon discovers she cannot do without them. Prompted by Dotty, Karen tries to reconcile with Francois but he is having none of it. He can't go there again and Karen receives divorce papers. Francois refuses to do a story on Cindy's missing niece, her corpse is discovered washed up on the rocks. Slappie is really down and out. He steals from the local pharmacy and lands himself in prison, Philip rescues him and when he leaves prison he is tasked with watching Francois.

Episode 3 – 28 March 2017
Karen's doctor refuses to prescribe her more pain killers, driven by addiction she begs and eventually steals pills from the Molefes. Gomolema confronts her and she tries to get off the drugs to no avail. When Amulet takes matters into her own hands and discards Karen's stash in the bin Karen turns to Dotty for help. Dotty has a plan; her herbs are better than meds and thus begins Karen's flirtation with the gateway drug; Dagga. Francois is neglecting Die Overburger admin and advertising and Dawid insists he find an assistant.

Episode 4 – 4 April 2017
Philip tasks Willem with the job of getting Karen hooked on Tik. In exchange he will open a pipeline for his produce in the prison. Willem ingratiates himself with Karen and is eventually supplying her with joints of his own, ones laced with tik. It doesn't take long to get her completely hooked. Meisie is trying a little too hard and getting in Francois’ way and on his nerves. Her overenthusiasm costs him a huge story and he is on the verge of firing her when she saves the day and the paper when she sells a full colour insert worth a fortune. Philip has his eye on a job in the laundry. He sets Pepe up to get him thrown in solitary so he can take his place in the laundry. He also tasks Werner to find Annalien but Werner isn't going to be his father’s puppet any longer, he has a thriving business now. Werner does go to find Annie only to make sure she is safe but finds her drugged up and filthy. He also finds his mother, Melinda.

Episode 5 – 11 April 2017
Unaware of what the manipulating Willem is actually supplying her with, Karen spirals into total tik addiction and the viewer watches in horror as her personality gradually changes, she becomes unpredictable and neglects Amulet. The day of the meeting with the Provincial Government Official finally dawns and Karen (suffering from acute withdrawal symptoms) drops Tannie Dotty at the last minute.

Episode 6 – 18 April 2017
With Tannie Dotty gone, Amulet is forced to take care of an antagonistic Karen who seems to have no sense of right and wrong anymore. Amulet’s calls to Francois remain unanswered as he throws himself into work. Ben, who’s been abusing Annalien behind closed doors insists that her pregnancy be terminated, but Melinda refuses. It turns out that Annalien is more than five months pregnant which means an abortion is out of the question.

Episode 7 – 25 April 2017
Francois saves Karen in the nick of time from this brutal attacker. This is the moment that he realises that his wife has become a tik addict. Amulet’s adoption lies in the balance and Francois has to move in with Karen and try to keep up the pretence in front of the social worker and the community that all is well and that they’re the perfect family. Karen’s withdrawal is painful and ugly. Francois is hard pressed to stick it out with this woman who can be monstrous at times.

Episode 8 – 2 May 2017
Annalien refuses to eat, (and secretly skips her meds) she hates the fact that she’s gaining so much weight. She is clearly unstable, as she tries to kill her unborn child. Knowing that she will be sent back to the mental hospital Werner covers for his step-mother. Werner involves the charitable Gomolema to help Annalien and the girls which causes strive between Gomo and Portia who doesn’t take kindly to the fact that her husband fraternises with ladies of the night. Francois is determined to find out how his wife became an addict.

Episode 9 – 9 May 2017
Philip pulls strings from within the prison and Amulet is abducted from Karen’s home by the HIV positive Henk. Francois informs the police and a massive search is mounted.
Karen offers herself in exchange for her child. Hank forces her to smoke a pipe first and then disappears with Amulet. Francois saves a drugged Amulet from a child smuggling ring. However social services remove Amulet from Karen’s care after it comes to light that Karen is fighting a tik addiction and the little girl is taken to a place of safety.

Episode 10 – 16 May 2017
Philip appeals to the authorities  to reduce his bail stating that he has a child on the way and a crazy woman to raise him.

Episode 11 – 23 May 2017
Karen and Francois are working hard at making their marriage work. She’s exercising, looking after herself, working hard not to relapse. Francois courts her again, they are like newly weds.
Philip strolls in and takes over Werner’s business.

Episode 12 – 30 May 2017
Karen ends up in hospital and has had a miscarriage.
She can’t or won’t take any pain medication, she is punishing herself because she’s a bad mother.  

Episode 13 – 6 June 2017
After Philip’s meeting with Rudolph he seems to have turned over a new leaf. Suddenly he’s taking care of the village. No more prostitutes are allowed at the bar. Werner is forced to continue operating from his home. Amulet’s mother, Tammy has now joined the escort agency. 25
Francois doesn’t believe Philip’s holier than thou act. What is Philip up to? Philip claims that his stint in jail made him realise what life is really about. He urges Francois to let bygones be bygones. We can work together and make Swartwater a better place.



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