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The National Public Service Broadcaster's mandate requires of the SABC to educate, inform and entertain. A very high premium is placed on educational and informative programmes across all the SABC's platforms (SABC Radio as well as SABC TV channels).

The role of the SABC, however, extends beyond broadcasting and its mandate. As a good corporate citizen, the SABC is actively involved in a range of developmental and social projects across the country. Equally important is the alignment of SABC CSI activities with those of its core business. This allows the National Public Service Broadcaster to leverage its national footprint, resources and expertise, when partnering with NGO’s and other Institutions.

The vision of the SABC’s CSI Department is to identify, investigate and participate in socio economic projects and programmes that help further the development of South Africa’s citizens and its democracy and underlines the SABC’s values of conversations and partnerships, restoring human dignity and building a common future.

The SABC's Corporate Social Investment Department focuses on a number of key national priorities which are shared by the majority of South Africans in search of a better life. Incidentally, these priorities also happen to occupy the centre stage of the global programme of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. These are: education; health; community development, arts and culture, environment, women and children.

The SABC recognises the important part played by news and information in human, social and economic growth and development, especially in societies such as ours that are embarking on nation building. The SABC takes account of this, as it is in these circumstances that SABC News and Current Affairs and Information Services can be the catalyst for positive and progressive development and change.

To attain the foregoing objectives, SABC News and Current Affairs are forming strategic partnerships with key institutions, government departments, embassies in South Africa, non-governmental organisations and the private sector. The aim is to bring these sectors together as social partners to Touch the Lives of the less fortunate and under-privileged in an out-reach programme to give something back to the communities. Touching Lives, aims to make a difference, is mindful of those less fortunate and is determined to make a positive contribution towards the improvement of social conditions in South Africa.
The SABC’s CSI Department provides community organisations and institutions with the opportunity to make Public Service Announcements free of charge on both Radio and Television. The PSAs often provide the critical airtime that creates top of mind exposure for worthy causes ( e.g. breast cancer, organ donation, Nicro, Habitat for Humanity, the Sunflower Fund) that are in the interest of the  public at large.

As the National Public Service Broadcaster, the SABC will remain the catalyst for positive social action, assisting in transforming society through the content that it provides, reflecting the true image of our country, its people, its dreams and aspirations.


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