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What’s In A Name (Come Again?)  |  Thursday 16 May 2013 15:42

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Documentary Series on SABC1 Mzansi Fo Sho

TX Date: Sunday 19 May 2013

TX Time: 18h30

Episodes: 9 x 48minutes

The series takes a deeper look into the reactions provoked by the names and stereotypes created. A laugh at ourselves as South Africans and a celebration of creativity!

Many a times, motivational speakers encourage people to never be stuck in situations they were born into.  They go further and remind people to remember where they come from.  How important a role does the names of places of where we come from play? Nobody ever sits and spends a lot of time worrying and pondering on the names of places they come from being a big deal.  Unless of course if one came from places that have unique names.  Surely those people go through their lives being asked to explain the meanings, history, lifestyles, exact location and many other questions about their homes.  It is one thing to say something and be asked to repeat yourself - it is another thing to say something and expect to be asked to repeat it at all times. What if South Africans were united in finding what could be uncovered about these ‘hidden treasures?’  The canvass of some might just be a basket of curiosity and surprises for many.

But what do these hidden treasures have in store? Something interesting and unique? The human story never fails, and our presenter will mix an explorative journey of the names of residential areas and the people who live there.

Mzinsangu; Serope sa benya; Emaphupheni; Bodli’ndlala or even Pitsi di sule jang?  How about Darling, Nsukangihlale, Gawula and Tsolaborokgo? Now these are names that make most people say, “Come Again?” Presenter, Ntombi MaNgcobo ka Mzolo, will visit places with unusual names to find out the stories behind the names and experience more about the places.  

Through Ntombi engaging with various residential members of each area, the down-to-earth presenter will investigate the story behind the name of the area. From the oldest to young residents of the area, most will share their understanding behind the names.

The series is produced by Tshedza Media

Episode 1: Maphupheni - “A place where dreams are made?

In this episode of What’s In A Name - the presenter goes out on a mission to explore the origin of the name Emaphupheni. While there, she engages the residents on their understanding and the many interesting versions of the origin of the name.  From playing street soccer, getting her nails and hair done, sharing an intimate conversation with the councilor over an interesting lunch, washing cars and sampling the vibe evening of the area, Ntombi stops at nothing in her travel.

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Phillip Matome Mabitsela

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