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Charly's Cake Angels  |  Friday 16 September 2011 08:40

Charly's Cake Angels

ON: Saturdays
AT: 16:00 on SABC3
GENRE: Local Reality

Leading local film Production Company produces a 13-part Reality TV Series about one of Cape Town’s best-loved bakeries
Filmed by Cooked in Africa Films, Charly’s Cake Angels will make its debut on SABC3 in October, inviting viewers into the magical world of one of Cape Town’s best-loved bakeries.
Charly’s Cake Angels will provide South African audiences with an intimate view of life behind-the-scenes of Charly’s Bakery, a family owned and operated bakery nestled in the heart of Cape Town’s Fringe district, best-known for it’s anything-is-possible approach to baking.
Filmed and produced over the last ten months, Cooked in Africa Films, which was founded by filmmaker and veteran presenter Justin Bonello in 2003, has sold exclusive premiere rights of the 13 episode series to the South African Broadcaster, with an October 3 release date. 
Founded 21 years ago by Charly and Jacqui Biess, this graffiti-clad gem is where Jacqui and her three daughters (Alexandra, Daniella and Roche) together with 33 staff conjure up Cape Town’s most fantastic cake creations.
Bonello, who has produced and presented several successful international lifestyle television series, is excited about the partnership with Charly’s Bakery, which, he says, “represents the pilot in a multiple series documentary destined for local and international television audiences.”
Says Executive Producer, Peter Gird “While the international success of the TV Series “Cake Boss” has proven that the genre is popular amongst global TV audiences, Charly’s Cake Angels is far more than a documentary set in a bakery, but offers a truly unique and entertaining view into the lives of the ‘Angels’ and the community they serve, providing an entertaining and heart-warming showcase to truly “mucking afazing” cakes that do more than make people’s mouths water. Don't be fooled into thinking Charly's Bakery is a factory. It's a philosophy and a way of life, with a strong local and social media following. Our partnership allows us to portray the joie de vivre, laughter, creative innovation and candy-striped chaos that patrons don’t usually see, to a local TV audience and beyond, using social media and in-store promotional mechanisms.”
Each 26-minute episode is themed, from the thrilling “Cape Town Cake”’ Episode where the Angels create a five-tier cake depicting the magic of the Mother City for the Design Indaba, to the unveiling of the “Fashion” Episode where the Bakery partnered with Cosmopolitan Magazine to produce an inspiring range of handbag and shoe cakes which will leave viewers with their mouths gaping. The heart wrenching ‘Revenge of the Rhino” Episode sees the Angels off on an adventure to Aquila Game Reserve to celebrate the birth of a baby Rhino. Tragically, since the filming of the Series, the Reserve has lost two Rhinos to poaching.                                           
“I feel privileged to be working with such a talented bunch of people, and am truly excited about our collaboration with Cooked in Africa Films,” says Jacqui.
 “Charly’s was founded all those years ago on a desire to own my own bakery and make unforgettable cakes, and I feel fortunate to have seen our dream realized. It’s far more than a family business but represents a labour of love for all of us, and we’re thrilled to be part of this Series, which will catapult Charly’s far beyond the physical boundaries of Canterbury Street in Cape Town.”
From wedding masterpieces to birthday fantasies, there is no tier too tall, and no request too small – Charly’s Cake Angels thrive on making any dream come true. Get ready to fall in love with the Angels and ganache-covered creatures of Charly’s Bakery – they’re coming to South Africa in October 2011 on SABC3.

Meet the Angels:

Jacqui, the dynamic owner of the bakery, is the wacky wife of the elusive and retired Charly.
She’s warm-hearted and wedding crazy. She’s a proud mother, whose daughters, Alex and
Dani, and adopted daughter Roche, all work at the madcap bakery with her.

Oldest daughter of Jacqui and Charly, Alex is a workaholic dynamo, who manages the bakery
with aplomb! She’s creative, witty and weathers the bakery storms with a shrug and the
proverbial dance in the rain.

Youngest daughter of Jacqui and Charly, Dani is the big-hearted ninja-bread girl. She’s a whiz with words and cupcakes, loves mucking-in and is a devilishly talented and foxy cake decorator.

The adopted daughter of Jacqui and Charly and sister of Alex and Dani, Roche is the one who feeds everyone and keeps them all sane – a job at the bakery, which can’t be underrated!
She’s the fairy godmother of big hugs and warmth.

The backbone of the bakery, Francis heads up the shape-cake section of the bakery, she’s wonderful, hardworking and creates the most astonishing cakes. With a background in cake decorating, she’s a purist who’s learnt (with raised eyebrows) to bend the rules to create the screwball Charly’s Bakery style cakes.

Joining the overworked Francis in episode 5, Jenny is a wonderful, warm-hearted, Zen addition to the Charly’s family. She creates marvellous fondant creatures and provides much relief to the overworked Francis.

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