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Special Assignment

A graduate from UCT Opera School, Thesele Kemane, performs at the UN General Assembly in New York in 2012
Voices of a new future

In a South Africa free from apartheid, many youths are living their dreams. This special UN TV insert looks at a young group of Africans who are achieving greatness through opera.

Many South Africans find themselves in Brazilian jails for drug trafficking
City of Zombies

Thousands of South African drug mules are used as decoys to facilitate the trafficking of drugs in Brazil. What happens to these people once they are caught? What is their fate?

Hazel Friedman and Adel van Niekerk thrilled with their awards
Special Assignment producers recognised

Producer Adel van Niekerk won the Webber Wentzel Legal Journalist of the Year Award. Hazel Friedman received a commendation in this category and also the Vodacom W Cape TV journalist of the year award

Most bullying is not reported
Deadly grounds

School violence around the country is on the rise. Learners attacking other learners and learners attacking teachers. Why is this violence on the increase and what is being done to stop it?

What is really inside these cargo shipments?
Shows from September and October, 2013

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1 in every 4 women in SA have been in a domestic abusive relationship
Shows from July-August

Shows from July and August here.

Veterans are still struggling in the new South Africa
Shows from May-June

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Mining has damaged land in some communities in the Northern Cape and  Mpumalanga
Shows from April 2013

Episodes from April: Mining rights extracted; Gone too Soon and The value of human life. Click here for more

Pit bulls are a popular breed in the dog fighting world
Shows from March 2013

Shows from March 2013: We expose the heinous, cruel blood sport of organized dogfighting rings across South Africa in 'Dogmen' and the horrors of 'Child sex slaves'.

March highlights Human Rights
Shows from February 2013

Click here to view all the episodes in February: Travesty of Justice, War on Rape, Surviving the Streets and Dead Cows (part 1 and 2).

A rape survivor speaks out
Shows from January 2013

From Victim to Victor; Child killers; Life across the border and Gangland. Check out all these shows here.

2012 was a good year for investigative journalism..
Shows from 2012

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Shows from September 2012

We expose Joburg prison’s B-section facility’s seeming failure to care for its sick inmates in 'Double Standards'. Ruling by Fear; Bitter Harvest and Short Changed part 2 can also be viewed here.

Not young or old enough to qualify for the state social grant
Shows from April 2012

Click here to view Scraping the bottom of the barrel, where young men go down drains to find lost jewellery. Also view 'Mothers who kill' and 'The Catch'.

Shows from 2011

Click here to view shows from October to December 2011. From Off the Hook, To toll or not, Skating on thin ice, Red Gold and others.


Fokus: Incisive and Insightful
Fokus: Sept 29 - Nov 22, 2013 shows

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Fokus, 22 September 2013
Fokus, January - September 2013

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Shows from 2012
Shows from 2012

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Shows from 2011

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Interface/Cutting Edge

Interface aims to get South Africans talking

Interface is on SABC 3 every Tuesday night at 8pm.

Lonmin mine

It's been a sad week in South Africa as we watched in shock and horror the killing of 44 miners at Lonmin's Marikana mine, the two unions that are involved at the mine are still at loggerheads.

Cutting Edge looks at social issues
Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge is every Thursday on SABC1 at 21:30. Watch the episodes here.

Unpaid work

Have you ever thought about paying a monthly salary to a family member for doing household chores or for taking care of a sick family member.

Interface, 29 April 2012
Secrecy Bill

Is the protection of state Information Bill a threat to press freedom

Energy in South Africa

Eskom had requested Nersa to approve a 25.9 electricity tariff increase, but only got 16%.

Women Empowerment

International women's day is celebrated worldwide on March 8. According to UN Women.

South Africa's Film and Television Awards

South Africa's Film and Television Awards - the SAFTAS, are mired in controversy following free to air commercial channel's decision to pull out of the SAFTA Awards.

The role of Mother Languages in SA

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Arts and Culture, is discussing and reviewing the Language Bill, Following Public Hearings which were held in January.

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